1999 Ford Mustang GT Questions

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I originally replaced the brake pads but not the rotor on the rear passenger side. After hearing squeaking I decided to replace the rotor as well. When I replaced the rotor, I also changed the previous pads I had installed with another pair of new pads but the squeaking/dragging sound is still happening when at a slow roll. When I apply the brakes the noise is not heard. And the rotor disc seems to be getting extremely hot compared to the opposite side. Also, on the replaced pads/rotor side brake dust is heavy after driving a several miles, whereas I never had a brake dust problem, even when the woren pads were on. Please advise.
Number 2 cam support on passanger side is exceeding worn and so is the cam. Can it be repaired or must it be replaced
my belt started smoking and burning after I turned on my defroster and set temp. to cool!!
where is the drain plug and fill up plug.
I have a 1999 Ford Mustang GT convertablie with a 4.6L V8 automatic transmisson, an the transmisson has left the building.. What is the acutal name or type of transmission that I need?
we tried to roll windows down neither side will roll down or up pls help
The mechanic told me it was leaking
the blower will blow if you run a hot wire straight from the cluth but if you plug it up there is no fire going to the ac clutch.
Why does my idle drop from a 1000 to about 500 rpm when i start my car? The problem usually occurs when I start it in the mornings or when I cold start it
tring to start the car it want start check the fuel line there's no pressure
There was only one rubber ring on the old assembly when I took it apart. Now when I replaced the thermostst and put in the new rubber o ring it still leaks no matter who tight I make it. should I use any othrt gasgets on the outher housing???
How can you tell when a starter is going bad. our mustang used top strt right up. Now it cranks slow then fires up as if it wasnt going to start at all. Once it starts though it still run great it has 155k miles. Is the starter going bad or can we contribute the car to old age?
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