1998 Ford Mustang GT Questions

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For reliability and better performance and less wear on my 98 mustang
has 145000 miles ,
things to watch out for ?
When I pull the alternator fuse to troubleshoot a little. my car starts right up but when I put the alternator fuse back in it turns over and will not start...
any suggestions?
I have check fuses and rested my power to the fuel pump connector and I'm getting 9.7v. Test the fuel pressure at the rail and I'm not getting anything. Leads me to believe that it might be the fuel pump but I haven't checked the relay cause I can't find it. I'm assuming it's in the keyless entry stuff....?
they also changed ccrm programed a new key....nothin now there saying it could b a crank sensor or cam sensor i forget ....what do u think?
The rpm's run so low that the car dies when I stop and it is at just an idle. Even on the highway going 70 to 75 MPH the rpm's do not go ever 2. I have cleaned all the air sensors air filter and now I'm at a total loss on what it could be. I have had some family issues and really don't have the finances to put it in the shop. Please help
There is some noise coming whenever I rotate my wheels, Its coming even i am on 5 miles speed. I changed my break shoe but it seems something else. Can you please suggest what is the cause and what will be the price of it.
went and checked again then no power. Couldn't get power again to low pressure switch. What could be problem?
Took my car in to have an intake manifold leak repaired and now the car sounds terrible! The little trash can light comes and stay on for most of the driving and I have started to smell gas! I am taking the car back to the shop and see what happens.
I have replaced the engine, the intake manifold, the water pump, the thermostat, the radiator, and the upper radiator hose. There was a mixture of oil in the reservoir until we replaced the intake manifold. What else is left to cause the problem? The car has not been overheated. Any thoughts?
total labor cost estimate is $1026 and parts is $109. thanks
trans pan gasket cost is $39.

also remove and replace oil pan gasket/filter labor cost is $149?
changed spark plugs, wires, fuel filter put injector cleaner in fuel 3 times dont know what else to do
convertible? how many hours?
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