1996 Ford Mustang GT Questions

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When car is on, noise coming from under the trunk and it sounds like a electrical motor. I don't have a power antenna
I would go about 10-30 mph and bogg out and I have no power.I changed my spark plugs and wires and made sure they were all right.Does anybody know what is wrong?
Side view mirror needs replacing, replace belt, and new tire
My preasure hand moves when im jus sittn still
I just replaced the ICV, checked my hoses and tighten the hose clamps. It is loudest at my air filter but only makes the humming sound when I accelerate then stops at idle. Any help?
can see drops of coolant on top left front of motor not a lot toped off drove 300 miles low again 4.6 ford mustang 96 gt
96 Mustang Gt / 4.6 /Auto Trans. Any Help.. Thank You
check engine light comes on and off ideling fast and sounds like it wanted to explode
the mustang will start and only run for like 3 sec and cut off if u turn the switch off and on it will stay runing do u thing u know whats wrong with it
Cold air intake, msd coils, jegs H-pipe, SLP cat backs.
Drove the car from North Carolina to Oklahoma. Got in to my home town after about a 20 hour drive and the car would not idle down from 3000 rpm's. I turned the car off and restarted and it idled normal. Well now it just stays at 2300-2500 rpm's cold 3000-3200 rpm's at normal op temp. I can unplug the tps and it idles normal but has a dead spot like it should have. I took the tps off the throttle body and plugged it in and the engine idled normal. So with the tps off the T/B and plugged in i used my thumb and turned the slot on the tps like someone was giving it gas and the engine jumps to 3000 rpms. As soon as I removed my thumb it went back to idleing normal. I replaced the Idle Air Control and the TPS. only code the car put out was the evap canister and purge valve replaced those along with new vac hoses. Oh and the code cause the TPS aint plugged in. I have new upgrades i wanna install but I would like to fix this problem first can anyone help. Please
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