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The sound just started today. I really can't describe it. But I remember my son's car having a rear problem and it sounded similar.
And the temp and oil gauges show higher readings when I turn headlights on, I put HIDs headlights in, ABS light also came on when I installed them, but headlights work but high beam light stays on then when you hit the dimmer the headlights go off, is that normal?? Help plz
engine fan comes on 15 seconds after the car starts and never shuts off while engine is running. Ac quit working
The air switch to change from Vent - Floor - Defrost - AC etc. does not seem to work. I was told it may be the door is broken or the vacuum lines not working. I have replaced the switch but still cannot change the mode.
It makes a very load whinnying noise when ever I turn it sounds like I am low or out of power steering fluid when it I perfectly full. I have a loud and proud 95 v8 mustang and this noise drowns out the engine.
.Occurs when cold. Almost like gurgle sound when the gas pedal is pressed.
I have a vacuum leak coming from the back of the intake but not from the pcv or were the hoses for the pcv connect to the back of upper intake manifold but almost as if it were coming closer to the bell housing bolts but it seems like it is coming further down in that general area. Timing is on and it idles but about two or three mins of idling in park it jumps from 500rpm to 700rpm stays constant to around three to four mins then will drop back down to normal idle (500rpm) not sure what i got going on.
not seat belt or head light chime sound seems to come from behind hvac controls
I rotated my tires and in a verticle patern and within a day I noticed severe front end suspension problems to be candid it feels like my front end is going to fall off.
I think my shop quote is too expensive.
I inserted my ignition key into my trunk and it broke off. There was only about a 1/2" left on the key. How do I get it out?
Thanks, Gary
but sometimes I would have to wait a few, then it just stopped doing that and it was fine, now recently I have had my airbag, low oil, and low coolant lights randomly coming on when fluids are checked they are not low. Also, my car has started turning over excessively before it will start and sometimes takes several tries. I have a new clutch, new battery, new smog pump, new serpentine belt, just in case any of that info helps you answer this question, what do you think the problem is?
MY 95 GT has started an intermitent problem. It will start dropping charge once or twice reving it up fixed it. When it was showing a drain i pulled the batt term an car stalled.I thought alternator but had it checked at it was ok.. Not sure where to go now but need help as this is my daily driver.
I'm looking for the least expensive qualified shop/mechanic
to replace the evaporator core in or near Indio, Ca. 92201
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