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like smeling gas and drinking toomuche
On the clutch it wont come out of first why wont it how do I fix it
Tried it again sounds like the starter is not ingauging. Test the starter a N wirk just fine.had the flywheel replace.
No smoke to indicate burning oil and there is no evidence of a leak. PCV and breather are fine. Compression test numbers are consistant and all cylinders read between 168 and 175 psi. No loss of power. Car only has 43K miles. What could be the problem? The only thing I haven't done is a leak down test. Please help if you have any clue.
The car runs fine, then without warning will sputter and die. It happens under almost any circumstance including driving down the interstate, in city driving, while sitting inj a parkinbg lot waiting to pick up someone, etc. The fuel filter was replaced, and at that time the mechanic "checked" the fuel line pressure and found it acceptable leading us to believe the fuel system was "OK". We have previousloy replaced the alternator and battery thinking the problem to be electrical, but the problem persists. Any help would be much appreciated!
i have been having a problem with my 91 gt it suddenly turns of while running and wont turn back on unless i disconect the module from the distributor and it will start back up with no problem, has any one had a problem like this im thinking of changing the tfi module if not the whole distributor
So wat do I need to do about my clutch cable being hard to press. Do my transmission have to come down
My clutch is hard to press and it is hard to crank and put it in gear
I have a 1991 ford mustang gt. While driving with the windows down or even cracked, there is a severe odor of fresh gas. I cannot find the problem. Any suggestions?
new fuel pump cap rotor module no spark plug fire
My fuel pump has been bypassed with an on and off switch. all the wires for my 1991 mustang GT are still there it just won't turn the pump by the key. it works fine when i turn the switch on but not by the key. I have checked the relay under the drivers seat but it didn't change anything. In am wondering what else could be keeping the fuel pump from coming by the key. i dont know if there is another relay because all my fuses are fine and the relay under the driver seat. So please help me figuer out this problem. please
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