1999 Ford Mustang Cobra Questions

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Need some engine work, hasn't been started in 5 months, and a new top and seats. Need a good place to have it repaired and will have it towed in.
Not at idle, all the time if rpm at 2300 or more, not overheating, no loss of power or oil pressure
it doesnt overheat idling untill i drive it down the road
I store my Mustang an a heated garage from November until may and usually do not start it up during those months. The last 2 years it has been hard to start and this year would not start at all. It turned over but wouldn't start. A hint online said to rap the gas tank and it it starts you need a fuel pump. I did that and it did start. I had to do that on a couple different occasions to get it started. To make a long story short. now it seems that it will start everytime with the battery is at full charge. It is the orininal battery. It is producing abut 12.06 on the test meter. I am wondering if I just am not getting enough from the battery to get everything going. Battery or fuel pump. I'm leaning towards a new battery. What do you think. Thanks very much in advance
How do you replace the valve cover gaskets on a '99 Mustang Cobra SVT?
where do I find a replacement wiring harness that is mounted on the side of the transmission?
where is the abs brake sensor located
the abs warning light is on at the dashboard.ive changed the worn brake pads and the light is still on
leaks powerstreeing fuld already replaced powerstreeing pump been having to ad fuild avery morning.
I just recently took my care to a local mechanic and he stated that my car has "blown 8th cylinder/head gasket". He advised me that the repair would cost more than the value of the car. Do I have a any options for repair?
need wiring schematics for my cobra tailights and brake lightsmy email is
oil coolant gasket repair: The Gasket is blown and when the engine starts it blows oil.
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