1997 Ford Mustang Cobra Questions

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I NEED one that I can trust!!! A mechanic that knows the car inside and out. Is successful with what he does...Also, I need him to be in near Chicago Suburbs.

My '97 Cobra has some sort of knocking coming from the engine when I accelerate at or above 2 RPM's. Some have told me it may be a few things. Rod Knock, calve lifter, crank shaft bouncing around (main bearings went caaaput). I just got my oil changed and almost feel the tampered with my car, which again caused me have trust issues. But not just this one time, but many times. My car also has exhaust issues (leak of some sort). The exhaust leak started couple of years ago when my clutch was replaced. I had the clutch repaired A SECOND TIME last year. I was thinking I should go back to them again, but they are not ford Mustang specialists.
By the way, I have owned my '97 Cobra Mustang since I bought it BRAND NEW from the dealer in November '97 (50+ some mile on it at time of purchase). SO I am the only owner. I don't beat on it, either, surprisingly. Garage kept for years.

I need a savior here!! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Phone numbers and location helps!
I changed the plugs and the plug wires it ran a little better, but still sluggish in all gears but worse in 5th what could it be
1997 mustang fan inside only works on high - if you turn the dial to any other setting - nothing happens
My cobra will die sometimes after pushing the clutch in to stop at a light. It will restart after sitting for about 10 minutes. It cut out twice going down the road the other day. It has a fuel cell on it. Any ideas? Sensor? Clogged filter?
Went to take off and it wouldn't sounds like something is spinning underneath but isn't catching to make the car go. What could be wrong? Rear end? Transmission?
brakes go to floor when pressed before stopping....already installed new master cylinder and bleed the MC and all brakes...what are signs of a bad hydro booster and when i bleed the hydro booster there was lots of air but got it all out and brakes still dont work
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