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I have a 2016 mustang and the a/c blows hot air from the driver side vents, mild air in the middle vent and cold air from the passenger vents. Also the floor vents don't work at all. I went to the dealership and they said it's a leak in the a/c evaporater and want $2200 to fix it. Could that actually be the problem?
The AC blows hot air when the car is stationary
I leave the car and activate the lock with the remote. When I get about 20 feet from the car the alarm starts sounding. I can temporarily cancel but it alarms again and again untiil I physically go back to the car and open the door. This is extremely distressing when I am traveling with my dog because it means I can't leave the car to go into a restroom or restaurant.
It's an automatic 2016 Ford Mustang Ecoboost I4. I enjoy the extra power sport+ gives but I hate shifting.
Hi I bought a brand mustang ecoboost premium on may 27 2016. Its so painful when your car gets into issues within such a minimum time and miles on it.
issue 1: yesterday I had my tank almost empty. the dashboard said 6 miles to empty. I stopped at a gas station and started filling my gas. the pump turned off after 12.5 gallons. generally I remember filling up untill 14.5 to 15 gallons of gas. not sure where the room for another 2-3 gallons has gone!! I spoke with a friend who drives a mustang ecoboost '16 and he said his tank may go till 16 gallons at times. I checked the range as well. its showing as 275 miles which earlier used to show me somewhere close to 315 miles. Also I feel like the arrow on the gas gauge is below the F (which is supposed to be a little further to F)
issue 2: I feel like the performance of my car is going down and not as it was before. My friend who is been driving with me initially for around 3 months took a long pause and resumed travelling with me recently and he said he hear some weird sound with the engine.
issue 3: I hear some sound when I apply breaks as well.
issue 3: The gas mileage is getting bad day by day I dont know why. initially I was driving real fast and slamming the throttle all the time. But when I spoke with a friend he said I need to tune the engine initially for better performance. That is when I started driving the car subtly. I remember seeing figures like 24.5 to 26 in the city but now a days I see gas which is hardly getting close to 22. wanna let you know that I put regular gas and not premium.

Can someone kindly read my long post and please answer the questions. Thank you so much.
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