2013 Ford Mustang Questions

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Wanted to know the drive cycle for 2013 Mustang gt.
My son went to his car and the floors were soaked. Figured out it was the rain water plugs that were clogged (under the wipers). I fixed that issue but now the A/C won't turn on and it worked before. The A/C power lights come on inside the car but nothing happens...
do you know what might be the problem here?
I purchased 2 bulbs and cannot seem to figure out how to change them! The repair guy said the whole assembly may need to be replaced? The Manual indicates they are LED and should last the life of the car. I have full warranty coverage w/ 100 deductable. All other lights, turn signals, brake lights etc work. The left blinker was blinking very fast prior to this happening
just want to know what common problems occur with this car.
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