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So I bought a new speedometer for my 2011 Ford Mustang it’s off a 2011 GT I hook it up and everything works fine lights needles but my car won’t start I can’t take it to the dealer because it’s not there product is there any way I can get it to work
When this happened, the car lost power as if it wasn't getting any gas and I had to stop and restart the car. Then the light turned off.
Would it be something with the acceleration or a sensor I turned it off and back on and it ran fine home had a terrible sound starting up though I prefer not to drive it til the problem is clear
am facing this problem from past 3 days, at low speeds the limp home mode doesn't come on, once it reaches above 80km or 90km
the limp home mode light comes on in the RPM meter

after checking through the scan meter
i got the
P0741 error
Torque Convertor Clutch Solenoid Circuit Performance Or Stuck Off

please help
the gas gage goes down to zero when actually almost half full, car will not run if no gas added. also the gas pumps will keep shutting off and car will not take gas when on a long trip, takes forever to get any gas it it and cannot fill it up.
pads and rotors
I would hear a clicking noise from the middle vent when during on the car. then realize that there was no heat nor was the defrost working. I replaced the a/c heat blend door actuator and checked the fuse ,but still no heat
The fuel light comes on between 1/2 and 1/4 full. and says I have 6 miles to empty. I can fill up with just a few gals, so I know it is wrong, but I don't know if it will shut down or not. The repair shop cannot do anything about it unless they see it. I cannot get it to the shop at the correct time. Does anyone else have this problem? it is very upsetting.
I have a 2011 Ford Mustang My car starts fine but while driving my throttle sensor comes on and my slips into limited power mode while the car is moving I am able to place my car in neutral and restart the car and place back into drive then car sometimes shakes really bad. the engine light is on and reads throttle body stuck in open position. From your knowledge what should I have fixed and what do you estimate this should cost?
Thanks for your time
Lieutenant Sean Morrow
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