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It currently has a 4.0l
Replaced throttle body w new one. Throttle light still comes on. Rpms limited. Says forced idle but brand new unit.
Paint is chipping and bubbling on the end of the front hood. What are my options?
had a clicking noise that would start then stop after about 6-9 clicks, sounded like coming from above radio A/C vents then the speakers started a pop then would cut out, but you could turn the radio off and back on and they would work, now the radio comes on (works) but no sound and the clicking noise is very quiet. What is wrong with my car??
After adding the stop leak problem solved for three days. Than... Steam from under the hood! All water boiled off . I have pulled the top of the engine less the heads. I wanted to see if a freeze plug spung a leak, nope no signs of that. So where is this leak coming from??? Help anyone???
The dealership service dept checked out the car's suspension and said everything is fine, including the bushings and tie rod ends. They also said they couldn't get the car to creak, but it's very apparent when turning, especially to the left, but it also does it at times to the right. It also does it when backing up, but always when turning. I appreciate any ideas! The car has an extended warranty up to 100,000 miles, and it's at 97,000 now.
started having chemical smell when AC was on when it got real hot out, then it got real bad cut air off still smell it, i know my air compressor is going bad but idk, it makes awful groan noise when AC is on and i saw it stop while i had AC full blast with hood up, so idk ? But today the smell got so bad 110 degrees in this Las Vegas weather icut air off n roughed it but this timethe smell stayed
I was told it is probably just the seal. Any idea on cost?
repair shop told me it had a small leak
I purchased a 2010 Mustang used and just had it to the dealer who told me it was missing a gravel shield. He said it was $290 to put on parts and labor. I am trying to find the part online but my search for gravel shield doesn't show any part by that name, at least that I can find. Does it have another name? It is bolted under the engine compartment to protect objects from flying up into the radiator and engine. Thanks!
The transmission has a small leak and the dealer is saying it could be just a seal or it could be a cracked transmission case. I am trying to figure out what the cost of replacing the transmission case would be worst case. Plus is a cracked case under warranty (5-year Powertrain)?
steering suspension good or bad
how does it ride
any think you can tell me about the suspeneion
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