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I sometimes hear a gargling sound when car starts. The leak is not in front but towards the back.
Looking for the location of the orifice tube.
Battery going dead a couple times. Replaced alternator and had to replace it again. Shop said it needed a harmonic balancer. Alternator plus balancer is $1250
It started doing this a couple of months ago but stopped when i installed a new battery. Two weeks ago it started again. It is a brief honk everytime i start the car but startles anyone that happens to be standing nearby.
it only does it when i am comming to a stop.
My 08 4.0 v6 mustang shut down on highway just after engaging cruise control. It will not restart. The motor cranks, tries to start, then makes cough or backfire at throttle body.
Mustang program
over and turn car off smoke was coming from hood and a lock symbol started flashing does this mean i locked my engine up? :(
I recently bought a 08 mustang gt. The hot weather in AZ killed the battery, after replacing the battery the aftermarket security system that was installed by the previous owner tripped. Now when ever i turn on my car or open/close any door, hood and trunk all my lights start flashing and dont stop for about 5 minutes. It will randomly start flashing all the lights while driving unless i turn the headlights all teh way on. I've tried removing and putting the battery back in with no luck of it disabling the alarm. I brought to dealership and they wont do anything about it. I dont have a key dongle for the car nor do I know the brand of the alarm system. If any one can provide some incite on how to shut this off it would be much appreciated.
clicking noise every time you start the car, not coming from the starter but from the middle of the dashboard
Don't have an electronic display
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