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I got trans service but not flushed repair shop recommend not to flush might cause more problems. p1700 code wont pass smog i hope its just the sensor, no reverse or drive but can use drive is i start in3 rd and shift easy and light on gas cant push on gas when in drive it slips,check engine lights on sometimes if i slip it flashes i pull over turn off and turn on and it s fine and a few months ago i had reverse and drive for a week or 2 untill i acidentlly pushed the gas and it slipped back
No codes have appeared yet
Do I need to replace the timing belt?
The dealer said I would have to replace convertible top but I was told there was a way without that expense
hello, thanks for offering to help. my 07 mustang has 58535 miles. I am very diligent about the maintenance. I have had one semi-serious issue while driving on the freeway! It wasn't pretty, I assure you! Yesterday, while returning home after an approximate 40 mile round trip, the engine block light came on. It is not flashing, but stayed on steady til I got home. Normally I would drop everything and have it taken care of. Problem is I have a very serious doctor appointment, approximately 20-25 miles round trip. Can/should I attempt it? A little too late to make other arrangements, hope you are able to reply without too much delay. The appointment is for another chemo treatment...I am currently treating for breast cancer. Not so you'll feel any different, only so you understand the reason(s) regarding not rescheduling, etc. Thank you again, be well. Susan
fluid level normal only engaged for a minute or so we stopped then they seemed to b normal but went out completely few miles later
The problem is worse in the cold. I have to pull the pedal back with my foot to get the cruise to engage. Could this be a pedal return spring issue? Could it be a hydraulic fluid issue? There are no leaks in the clutch hydraulic system and the reservoir is full. I'm thinking I will have to replace the pedal assembly (expensive). Any ideas?
It cranks but wont stay on
It literally has only been driven maybe 5 miles since then, i was attempting to get it fixed for the smog test...but now im reading that they cant test it if the battery was recently unhooked
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