2006 Ford Mustang Questions

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I heard loud knocking sound coming from my engine and was told it could be the front timing chain.

how much should it cost?

replaced oil sensor and did major tune up but didn't fix the problem.

No a/c fuses seem to be in good condition. What should I be looking to fix

center knob seems to turn to easy, just bought car got home and found this.

Even when I push gas it stalls it's an automatic didn't do this Entill it was replaced it does it now every time I start it

I have a 2006 Ford Mustang V6 4.0. My battery light came on, then my check engine light, then my a/c started blowing warm air. Occasionally the battery light and check engine light turn on then off but don't stay on for more than a day. Any ideas on what's going on with the lights and A/C? I've take it to get tested and the battery is full charged and there is enough liquid for tee A/C. Took it to the shop and they said it will either be the alternator or the pcm board. Help!

My battery light came on awhile ago, so I replaced the battery. It now will come on every and now and then. Just randomly I will be driving and it will come on and then a minute later go off. I have got alternator tested at Autozone and they said it was good. I have also tested it myself. Even pulled over on side of road to test it with voltmeter, when the battery light was on. Alternator was charging at 14.48 volts when car was idling. And resting battery when car was off was 12.71. Why is the light coming on?

When putting the convertible top down all three windows roll except for the small back window on passengers side can hear motor running but doesn't move at all…??