2005 Ford Mustang Questions

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The engine light went on, the diagnostic computer code wad P0191 FORD - Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor Circuit Range/Performance. So we replaced the sensor and next day the light goes on and same code pops up. Now what do I do?
The car runs real rough around 600-700 rpms and shuts down around 400 rpms
Where is the fuel tank located in a 2005 Ford Mustang?
can they align the rear tires? what else could it be? it takes about 3 months for my tires to be bald
When I turn the key on and start the car the gas hand goes to the correct reading but after 45 seconds it just falls to empty and the gas light comes on. Any suggestions?
I can unhook the lines to the canister and I can fill tank. With them connected putting gas in doesn’t happen. What is my solution.
cleaned my throttle body, mass air flow sensor and changed the spark plugs, the rpms revved from 500 to about 3000 while in neutral the first few days and now slowly revs consistently from 500 rpms to 2000rpms unless in gearl. Its a manual. did i mess something up
My 05 mustang thwt have a 175,000 miles on it and when im in park and in gear it shakes really bad when i stop. I was sitting for a coiple months. Whats going on and what can i do to solve it?
I would like to add this scoop to my 05 GT but am concerned it would not fit properly because what I see is the hood of a 69 or 70 does not curve like the 05.
Will drive but it's hard to get up to 60
Motor was just warmed up enough, redline it through the 3 gears, up until 4th,I heard clunky noise then tons of smoke came under the hood and exhaust. Engine oil totally leaked out, no mark on the dip stick. The smoke smells like burning clutch. Car can only start up for 3 seconds then dies out. A blown engine?
The needle on the fule guage of my wife's mustang has flipped around and now points to the opposite side of the full/empty bars.
When I start the car the needle moves backwards then forward. By moving backwards that becomes the new empty indication. After about ten starts when I turn they key off the needle is pointing straight down indicating empty when it moves forward it stops E indicating full. I replaced the stepper motor still the same results. The needle moves backwards two needle widths every start. Any ideas?
The needle no longer moves. Is this a single fuse or do I have to replace the entire instrument cluster?
On this model, the doors have no upper frame. Instead, the window glass automatically retracts a fraction upon opening the door, then slots itself in when you close the door. Sometimes my window sticks and does not raise itself that last half inch to slot into place. How can I fix this?
Debris clogs the firewall reservoir and causes water to back up and then pour out from under the dash inside the car.
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