2003 Ford Mustang Questions

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My car just started stuttering kinda hard while sitting at stoplights. However, the check engine light is not on so no codes were thrown. The spark plugs are fairly new. Does anyone have any idea what it could be?
Every time I stop or put on the brake it dyes instantly. Plus oil coolant is gathering up in my air filter like if I had a blown head gaskets.
I replace a rack and pinion but when I turn my car on to go for a ride and test the car I find out that my stearing wheel was really hard to turn. Therefore, I want to know why?
Car over heats sometimes when sitting still
My speedometer on my car is bouncing around and when I step on the gas my car doesn't seem to do anything. When I'm driving at a lower speed it's fine. But when I try to pick up speed it doesn't work.
I just need the top replaced after it was slashed apparently with a knife. The existing rear glass does not need to be replaced
Have new battery alternator is good no codes but battery light still comes on and goes off every little bit of a time
The Mustang is leaking from the back into where the radio system is so I had to get my amplifier fixed but there is a leak in the hood towards the back.
I have a v6 mustang 03 and when I'm on the freeway I sometimes go 70 mph and a green light, (looks like a tire) comes on and my car stops accelerating. It says it's a traction control but I have it off. What could be the problem? Can my tires be bad or could it be something under my hood?
and transmission
Then my left turn signal flashes faster than the right turn signal. Could that prevent my car from not starting? My car starts like it wants to turn over but it feels like there's no fuel getting to the engine.
I recently had my brakes and routers changed on my Mustang and the brake fluid is full. When I go to stop the brake pedal goes to the floor and it won't stop what am I missing
Whenever I get into the gas and go over 4k the gages peg and reboot, it will do it every time. I have recently found out that the alternator (which checks out fine under idle, 14.6 dc and 23 ac) is ac/dc and the ac sometimes can cause havoc if that ac number gets higher with ecu. My question is should the ac number at idle stay the same at 4k, this is just a idea, after I read about alternator rippling. The alternator was replaced, but I'm not positive that this problem didn't happen before it was replaced. It's my wifes car and she does not like to drive it hard.
It appears that the belt idler pulley on a used mustang that I'm looking at buying is not in contact with the belt. The belt just runs right over it. The car seems to runs
fine though. Why is that? Can a car run alright with out that pulley connected, or should I expect problems? Should I attempt to re-connect it? There doesn't appear to be any damage.
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