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Ive installed new plugs, changed oil, good egr valve, installed new egr solenoid, has new knock sensor, tried 93 octain, there is no knock when its cold only when it warms up
Put in a new battery as car was completely dead . Now have plenty of power but car won't start . Where do I need to look as it seems like it's not getting fuel .
My car recently got the air damn torn off and when I accelerate my rpm goes to a 4.5 at 65mph and it gets harder to accelerate and you hear a loud rumbling noise
Changed 01 motor to 03 3.8 motor. Put in new fuel pump and fixed transmission now it will turn over but wont start and the theft light is flashing. Tried resetting it but it just keeps coming back on
I changed plugs and wires car ran gave a code 1,2,4,5 misfiring.i changed the ignition coil.then it gave codes that #4 misfiring and egr insufficient.i changed out egr valve cleaned egr tune and cleaned upper it gives the codes camshaft positioning sensor and #4 barely runs it just sputters misses and backfires.
Oil level is also low
When I get up to about 45-50 miles an hour I get a violent shaking and I get a loud "slapping" noise from what sounds like my exhaust. I've changed my oil, and oil filter. I am not sure if that helps the problem at hand. I don't think it does. Anyway I plan on changing the fuel filter to see if that does anything. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
starter has 3 bolts holding it in place.i have 2 out,the last one,inside next to block I cant see or fill.whats the trick of getting it?4.6 engine
With a shaking noise to it eventually a until it won't excerpted higher then 40 mph to goes to 0 to shut off with a burning smell,what van that be and is it expensive
I have to set the egr code for smog and drove 600 miles before taking it to a mechanic for a drive cycle its taken them eight days and they're still getting it to set. As for the coolant temperature sensor, another mechanic was commenting on it not possibly working properly, so would this be why the monitor has not set or would more driving be the case
I have a 2001 v6 mustang and the exhaust system by the catalytic converters shake violently. It also has a loss of power when accelerating and there is a ticking noise when accelerating. Also when I come to a complete stop there I sort of a pull and only happens when going to a complete stop. I also have scanned it for codes and nothing appeared. What could it be?
It started when I backed up fast
I've driven to Oxnard, Carp twice & Gavitoa / Lompoc turn off and back to SB to try and reset OBD on alternator, it's still not ready.
I have a 2005 Altima and I reeeaaallly want a Mustang. I can't drive a stick so it would have to be an automatic. I'm looking at the 2001-2005 body styles. Are they good? My fiance has had mustangs all his life and I have seen how hard it is to fix a Cobra but he has a 2005 GT now. Every time I ask someone their opinion about them , they always tell me that it will be high insurance and repair records. I have been paying 279 for full coverage every three months and he pays 117 a month so its about the same. I have had no accidents and no tickets and im 23f.
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