2000 Ford Mustang Questions

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It sounds like the motor is hitting the hood IT does this noise until you get your speed up to 60 then it stops What could be causing this
I bought this mustang a while back and loved how heavy the clutch was at first. Now after drivin for awhile its starting to get really annoying, especially in the city. I cant find another v6 manual for sale to just drive to compare. Is it supposed to be really heavy or is it some sort of funky aftermarket clutch in it?
What is code po340?
I have single exhaust on my mustang and want dual exhaust with flowmaster 40, but I don't want to five hundred dollars to do it if I can avoid it. What id like to know is if it would restrict flow if I had a y pipe come off the pipe just behind the axle then bring it back around the gas tank between it and the bumper using a 90 to make the turn then another 90 to make the turn out the back. that's two 90s and a y. and bad would flow be restricted to that side?
For the last couple months everytime I make a turn it would make a grinding and squeaking noise??? Other night I was going to the store and was going past a wreck and there was a dip on the other side and it sounded like I ran over something but I didn't. I turned into store and made a loud pop noise while turning and did not do it when I parked into a space but when I was asked to rurn my wheel to see if my tire was hitting anything he entire driver side dropped to the ground... I want to know how it happened and what needs to be fixed.... thank you
I was trying to install an after market stereo and had figured out which wires were which, then I cut and spliced as I needed them and no I tested again with the multimeter and found the wires had all switched to negative.I have no idea what happened or how to make them go back. HELP thanks
When I push the button to turn off TCS nothing happens. I suppose the switch is bad. is there a way to just disable it completely without using a tuner. I don't want the crap at all, its dangerous.
1. Check and all fuse are good.
2. Open dasboard and replaced new bulb. Still not on.
3. Bought circuit board from junk yrad and use new bulb. All other ligt go on except check engine light.
What is wrong?
The engine surges and wants to move eventhough my foot is on the brake. Nothing touching the accelerator. Happens when coming off the freeway.
My car has started to intermittently Squeal... it is definitely something that changes as the car accelerates. Fluids are good, belt is dressed and good. listening to the various parts, it "seems" to be coming from the water pump. the squeal will go away after time, and then for no reason comeback, and then at times it is just barely there... thoughts?
In traffic with air on.
I guess they made both kind of engines that year so is there a way to tell without taking everything apart
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