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Everytime I go to start the car, it starts at very low idle rpm, around 500 then bounces just above that then back down until I start to drive the it. Then the rpm's mellow out at around 1000, how ever when slowing down the rpms like to stick at around 1500 for a couple seconds. Not sure what the problem could be. I recently found out it didn't have a thermostat in, so I put one in then the car started to overheat, i took it out but it did manage to overheat a couple times. I did a coolant flush, and tried to pressurize the system only to find out one of my freeze plug were practically out. i put it back in and the car stopped overheating without the thermostat in. I haven't put it back in, due to the rpm issue and fear of making it worse due to more overheating.
air does blow but window gets worse doesn't matter if i put air temp. on hot or cold
Hello, my stick shift button sticks so it’s sometimes hard to move shifter out of park
I have a 2000 ford mustang v6 when I am driving the battery drains and the car stops. I have a new battery
My car will not accelerate
when u look at the dash after u turn the lights on the hb indicator is one but the lights are stuck on lowbeam. the only way to get the high beams to come on is to pull the switch back toward u & hold it. I have had the switch control for the hb & blinkers changed & this didnt help.
Addition, it also says OBD2 MONITORS NOT READY, and under that, it says CATALYST, EVAPORATIVE SYSTEM, and SECONDARY AIR SYSTEM. However, on the first part of the smog check under VISUAL INSPECTION RESULT INFORMATION, the only thing that FAILED was the VACUM LINES to SENSORS/ SWITCHES. So if I fix that problem then shouldn't it be READY!!.One more thing this happened today roughly at 4:00 pm, at a STAR SMOG CENTER IN NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA. Please help with any information you can provide.
Thank you
the car has had transmission work done and was running fine before but now cant get it to turn over but only one time and a white to gray color smoke along with black oil shot out I'm thinking timing but unsure do you have any ideas I'm a single mom trying to fix on my own
How and what i need to fix
Hi, I have to replace my driver side door on my 2000 ford mustang bass model.. I went to the junk yard and seen some pretty nice doors there. I was wondering if an 01,02 or 03 will fit my 2000 ford mustang? Or what years will fit my 2000 mustang?
The check engine/service engine soon light is on. I had the code pulled at Pep Boys during an oil change and it's P0340.

The symptoms are on a cool morning, like under 60F, the car will stall out on the first start. It will start normally after that and for the rest of the day regardless of how long it's been off.

On cold mornings I've tried turning the key to on a few times to get the fuel rail repressurized in case it was a problem with the fuel pump, but that doesn't prevent the engine from stalling the first attempt.

There doesn't seem to be an easy to diagnose problem with the alternator. Going by cabin light brightness: all additional loads like headlights and AC blower only cause a very brief dimming before returning to normal brightness and staying normal after that. That's not exhaustive testing, but the alternator is often the cause of the problem with these symptoms.

The car runs fine otherwise. It has a 3.8L engine with 89,000 miles on it.

Are there specific things I can to check with basic tools and a multi-meter? I need to solve the problem because I have a smog check coming up in August so I need the code fixed to pass.

Thank you for any suggestions.
I have a code reader and this event leaves no code behind, no pending codes either. When this happens the engine temporarily losses a significant amount of power.
If i rev the engine or go fast my engine steams, is it a loose hose? How much will it be to fix
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