1999 Ford Mustang Questions

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Starts making the revving sound right when I crank the car until I turn it off. Scared it's going to stall out in the middle of the highway.
Ordered ecm online, programmed for my car, replaced the old ecm. Car cranks but won’t turn over. Started and ran prior to replacing ecm.
Dash light icons dont come on right away light flashed fast and slow for the antitheft
Anti theft light blinking fast and sometimes when I turn it on and off it will slow and the car will crank, it has been getting worse and sometimes when I turn the ignition on and off the door locks will engage: I’ve been stranded for 2 days now
I got told with out the smog my ac won't work it blows hot air only
I have true duel exhaust, msd coil pack and cold air intake and throttle body spacer and also have SCT x4 tuner
I believe my convertible top is sagging down more than it is suppose to be. When I shut the doors, both windows end up on the outosde of the convertible top. I have to row them down and back up for them to go in right. And even after thay, when it rains water leaks in from the top and side(there's a gap in the side sepreating the front and back windows which is suppose to be connected and have no gap). How should I go about getting this fixed and about how much will it cost including labor and everything?
Car has 240,000 miles. I am wondering if it is worth fixing. It is a 5 speed which has giver me years of excellent performance
it from starting. when i pulled spark plug #3, gasoline pours out behind it. i have even tried holding the accelerator to the floor while cranking to blow out the raw gas and it tries to start but dies and also backfires.
replaced ball joints still makes loud squeak
I stopped using car about four months ago .my wife used it everyday for work before that .its been sitting in driveway and I have noticed a oil stain on concrete and continues to get larger and larger. pu a tray underneath to see if I can determine what color it is. I believe its tranny fluid. does it mean its the tranny seal or sometimes I here they can leak from a modulator. it didn't leak when used every day but sitting there it seems to leak more each day. any suggestions are appreciated
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