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Drivers side rear squeak when you hit bumps, push down on rear fender, squeak, how do I fix, Thanks !
MY alarm just started doin this. it usually takes a hour and would crank right up, then it did it the next day and it still havent cranked up. its been two days without cranking. the doors just lock when i try and start the car. i tried disabling the brain of the alarm. but it jst dont make any sound then..i have a Clifford CZ57RRKO model me plzzzz
1998 mustang is going up to 3000 rpm before it'll shift out of 1st gear.I'm told to replace or rebuild the trans valve body. Can u help with procedure?
crashed my car into a tree and took out my from passenger headlight and drove it off. when i picked it up for HOC none of the brakes worked not even my emergency brake. any idea what this could be and how much it could cost?
Took car to shop got ready to leave shop car wouldn't start after they brought the car back to me to leave the shop
There is a clicking noise in the front of the car that occurs while driving. I thought it was the steering, but it happens as I'm driving straight too. I had my oil changed and tires rotated today, but the mechanic said he didn't know what it was. A code P1443 came up,with no DTC definition found.
The car will not always start unless you spray it with starting fluid.
Ignition chime does not go off when car started unless I GENTLY and minutely, move the ignition clockwise after starting car. Opening and closing doors does not do the trick. Will come back on if I use headlights or use blinkers. Can turn car off while in drive. Will replacing the ignition key warning switch (11A127 Ford $23.89 part)do the trick? If so, where is it located and how do I do it myself? Is there a simpler fix? It's driving me crazy. I'm lucky. First time I've had this problem in almost 13 years. Thanks!
the compressor is stopinng the motor from turning over!! is there a way to run a shorter belt or do i have to replace compressor?
I am trying to pass my upcoming emissions test and currently am being held back by a "check engine" light. A friend suggested I replace the canister purge solenoid (after already having replaced the purge flow sensor, which didn't cure anything). My problem is locating the canister purge solenoid . . . anyone have any info?
my car is not working thought it was the battery but when it is charging i get power but when it is unhooked nothing also when it is charging with another car and I try to start it all it does is click??? any ideas
There is a popping noise when I slightly turn the wheel fairly slowly. As in normal corrections while driving, the popping noise will occur. I do believe this is a pop, and not a squeak while turning as the squeak problem has been answered already. How to fix this? Thanks!
There is a "popping" noise when I slightly turn the wheel left of right fairly slowly, as in just making the normal small corrections while driving on the road, the popping sound will occur. It may be the squeaking sound already mention but this sounds more like popping.
The passenger seatbelt in my Mustang has reciently failed to uncoil or recoil. Ford dealership quoted $525 for a replacement plus installation cost. Is a replacement this expensive?
i just bought a 98 mustang that has sat for a year. fuel pump doesnt seem to be working. is there a way to unseize it without replacing or do i need to replace the pump? if so where can i find out how to do this?
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