1998 Ford Mustang Questions

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where on the car do you locate the fuse box and which fuse is for the brake lights
my mustang is stuck in 2nd gear and will not shift up or down.could the solenoid be bad causing this because I was about to buy another transmission to put in it until someone told me that the shift solenoid could be bad
1998 Ford Mustang 232ci at
which does the 1998 ford mustang 232ci use???
I have a check engine light constantly on ..I've been told many components are connected to this...
total fuel pump assembly needed???
car is very load on passenger side and wheel can be moved back and forth when jacked up
Had a programmable key made for mustang, got car back and it wouldn't go in gear, took it back to dealership to have it rechecked, have now replaced , pc module twice, pat system, ignition cylinder and wiring harness and still have same problem and its been 3 weeks, ford claims they cant figure it out
took car to locate ford dealership to have a programmable key made, got car back and it wont go in gear, 20 minutes later we were back at dealership and they claimed the pats was bad, replaced that, it wasn't problem, now, we are trying to replace the pc module and they say it wont install,3 weeks later we are waiting for our car
I have a ford 1998 Mustang. Air conditioner blows hot air.
when I turn car on there is a clicking sound coming from air filter area. When it's clicking it won't start. If I sit there while car on for a couple minutes the clicking stops. Its getting worse and longer. Now it dies while driving, and clicks for awhile. And I have to sit and wait for it to stop again. I thought it could be fuel pump but everyone says it's under the car. In my Oldsmobile it was under the hood.
After replaceing the fan didn't help I researched on the net and found it may be the CCRM. I have it off and would like to just replace the relay for the fan but can't find which relay it is. The CCRM is F6ZF-12B577-AA.
upon ignition there is no cranking on the engine, just a click claking sounds on the starter i supposed to change the spark plugs or the starter? maybe the starter solenoid?
All other lights work, including turn signals, emergency lights etc.
How ever, when I slightly press on my brake peddle, the breaks come on, yet if you press all the way down, they wont turn on, I need help fixing this because I can't afford take it to a dealership.

Oh, if this helps, my car is automatic.
my 1998 ford mustang does not want to start when it is cold outside, below 60 degrees. replaced the starter and the battery. what else could it be?
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