1998 Ford Mustang Questions

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Cranks well not start till bout 6cfsnks. Once dyltsrt fires up right away
the a/c unit when it engages runs very short time and only 3 seconds and stops repeats cycleing..belt seems to slip backwards while shaking..
Was driving it was working fine went to shift into 3rd my clutch was feeling loose, I haven't been able to put it in a gear since. When I do get it into a gear it sounds like it's about to break. What's wrong
dinging where i insert the key Help
driving me crazy
If u have any idea as of why please verifie
Makes a clicking noise coming from the rear end when I downshift shift and slow down
Every time I drive i can hear the squeak even on a road with no bumps. I hear it also when the engine settles. During harsh bumps I hear it. I kick the tire and the car shakes and squeaks. When I close the trunk it squeaks. It sounds like it could be the catalytic converter but I'm not sure. Thank you for your suggestions.
Had Freon put in. It worked for about two weeks. I took it back. He said it still had Freon in it. He checked fuses. What else could it be. He did not know what was wrong.
Drove it to the store , then when I tried to start it again white smoke came out the hood then it wouldnt accelerate forward but drove fine in reverse ?
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