1997 Ford Mustang Questions

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What number on the fuse box is the brake light fuse

Grinds with clutch all the way in if the engine is spinning past 2100 fps

My dash light whit working I toook
The.dash panel our & replaced
The light & it still didn't work. I noticed going into the steering column. . So I opened up the steering column and the Pats ignition immobilizer system fell out! All I need is to know where the other three prong plug goes into under there because I had to come from somewhere, but for the life of me I cannot find it! I would have sent you guy a pic of
The piece but it said that's not an option right now. Thank you for your attention in this matter!

Josh Grubb

Looks like the problem starts at the tee where two pipes join into one exhaust pipe.

The break lights DO NOT WORK. I have already replaced the break light switch, the bulb, and the fuse. My blinkers do NOT work, and I do NOT have to put my foot on the break to which gears. Help (-_-)

the running lights all work as well. I have tested the pedal switch with test light and gets power on both contacts in normal and with pedal pressed. I am at a loss and cant afford to take to the shop. Any ideas would be a huge help.

Sometimes it stall during startups. What may be the reason for that and the best way to fix this problem.

hot days overheat occasionally tick started at low speed got louder with acceleration abiout a week or so it got loud so i parked it. any ideas what i could do besides new engine

I can crank it up an let it run and it just go to the hot line

what and where is the wiring and the connector for this feature??

my car will turn over but wont start security light is flashing

i already changed the gasket to my fuel pan and changed my filter and put new transmission fluid in it. When put in Drive wont take off unless i get up to 3000rpm but when stopping wont go again. reverse works fine. what is the problem (1997 ford mustang V6 3.8)

I had the inside fuses blowing for lights and radio then they quit and went to the fuel pump fuse and turn signal fuses. fuel pump fuse is in the engine fuse block. I changed the ccrm and fuel pump but the fuse still blows. what else should I be looking at

i just got this car like 2 months ago. it has no power the headers glow red the cats have been replaced and it smells like raw fuel is dumping into it i need to know what is causing this plugs and wires fuel and air filters replaced. still no results it almost acts its not getting air flow when you put ur foot to the floor it barley goes up to speed. also there is no engine codes present. its my only car any advice is appriciated