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Need to put a clutch kit in and curious how hard it is to put in.
My throwout bearing went out when clutch is engaged it sounds like metal grinding so i bought a clutch kit how hard is it to put a clutch kit in
I have a problem my mustang only has reverse and I noticed my car brake warning indicator light staying on can one be related to the other?
I have a 96 v6 mustang with only reverse no forward gears unless I rev the motor up to 4000 rpms I feel like it is something real simple and noticed shortly before the tranny going out the brake warning indicator light was lit up and stayed on. Could the brake warning indicator light staying on be a reason there is no forward gears, maybe like some sort of safety feature?
The test light is lighting up when I touch anything under the hood. I have disconnected everything like music and even the whole battery.. Still testing positive. I was stranded at work and ended up getting the car towed because it wouldn't start so I brought a starter battery and alternator. Still no start..the test light lights up when I touch negative?
Sometimes will not accelerate at start up, recently when I started it up , it would not drive forward , white smoke came out from hood but it drives fine in reverse
your auto system put wrong info my car is 3.8l convertible i live in Jackson not griffin
checked both valves under hood has vacuum going through the fire wall,but air comes out on the winsheld
I tried using AC coolant but didn't work.
I've replaced the MAF sensor and the purge valve and IAT sensor and 2 O2 sensors, and a filler gasket. I've been running premium fuel and checked my vacuum hoses. but my car says I could have vacuum leak, and check fuel pressure. I will be sitting at a stop light and it'll idle at around 700 to 1,000 then just DROP and try and shut off on me. I don't know what else to do. BTW my car is a 1996 V6 Ford Mustang.
the car will die when ever I take a corner or at times when I'm in a line of traffic slowing down for a traffic light or just in a slow line of traffic. I just had to have new lower intake gaskets put on due to a blown lower intake gasket at the water port on the lower intake this is when I started to notice this problem it has me and my father stumped as to what could be the cause.
This is the same thing happening to me, we have done the following, replaced gas cap, replaced coil, replaced ecm and a new fuel filter, and it keeps happing, we have tested for fuel, and spark all is good any suggestions???

One thing, the factory alarm was removed it was a RKE only and the ignition had been taken loose due to a broken key cylinder all has been repaired in column, help need to drive my car no more free rides from friends
replaced purge control solenoid light still on
My fuses are good,signal must not be getting to tach,is it possible to test the powertrain control module to see if its bad, or do i have to replace it altogether and see if that fixes the problem? Thanks!!!Any other suggestions would be welcomed.Cluster unit has been tested and everything works on it.
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