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Normally when you start your vehicle it raises the RPMs just a tad around 4 to 600 for about eight to 10 seconds and then gradually lowers to normal I will speed well ever since I disconnected my battery, I no longer have this idol advance at cold start
my radio has no sound lights up cassette same factory radio in 1994 mustang but not original
The wheelbase on my front driver side is pushed back a bit.
just got the car, and the heat is coming out of the vent by the floor o the passagener side only, when then the heat isn't on, the air conditioner isn't work we know its the motor is shot.
Also stuttering during acceleration. On board diagnostic system does not work
Stutters hard taking off at first , usually eases right up. Slight whistle when u barely push pedal. No gaskets or hoses leak at all.
I have a 94 mustang V6 manual transmission I've changed the fuel pump fuel filter air filter spark plugs and wire the cvp valve or
Whatever its called and did a oil change but the car either shuts off or the rpms shoot down and shoot back up if I accelerate to fast and now it won't start at all could someone help me please
could this be the antilock on the brakes ?
I have replaced all the bulbs and checked the fuses. Should I start with the wiring next?
So I replaced my old window motor and regulator today. Worked fine for about 10 test roll ups and downs. Now all of a sudden I drive to the store roll it down and it will not come back up. I also noticed that when I press the window to roll up all the interior lights, radio etc all flicker on and off. I checked my wiring for the motor I just installed and everything looks fine. What is going on?
My electric windows wont go up and down, went to a shop...guy told me the body module needed replaced, cost from 600 to 1200 dollars !! I have the #s for the module, can you buy one used, is it a big job to replace it ?? Help !!!
in two weeks mustang gauge showing rapid change in overheating then cooling down on its own. I've changed thermostat and heat regulator. car runs fine over 50 miles but then I exit in a town and engine shuts down overheating, yet temp gauge only shows half that its overheating, after cool down car runs fine again. I've yet to flush out cooling systom as my next step.
It has been sitting for three years and i start it every once a while Just recently put new headers on it there has to be somethig wrong there is just no power in the car cant even smoke the tires what could be wrong
i bought a motor from stangzone i asked 4 a motor 4 a 94mustang 3.8 they gave mys ite a motor out of a 99 mustang they said all i haft 2 do is swap the parts off my old motor well my buddy putting it n 4 me says its not gonna work they should swap it n give me the right motor they didnt give me a receipt
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