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Power Steering Assist failure warning came on intermittently and the steering felt difficult in my 2011 Ford Fusion while I was out of town. I took the car to the nearest Ford Dealer who told me the problem could either be a software update was needed or a steering gear was going out. They diagnosed the problem to be a steering gear going out but didn't have the part, so it was ordered and supposed to be in next day. It didn't come in the next day and I was already 2 days overdue, the warning light was out and the car was steering okay so I nervously drove it on home. We then took the car to our local Ford dealer who told us that there were no codes or problems showing up on the car so they could not fix it and we'd just have to wait until the warning came on again. Why wouldn't the problem with the steering gear still show up in diagnostics if it hadn't been repaired? How dangerous is it to just keep driving the car until the warning light or code comes back on and the power steering fails?
Headlights and day run lights are fine, brake lights work, but no tail lights
Power steering malfunction light came on. No power steering, shut car off restarted and the power steering was working again. What is problem? Is a 2011.
ac blowing hot air
It happens only when I am driving and it does not matter if I hit a bump, pothole, or even turn. Please let me know. I was told a boot to a spring. I do not think that is correct. Please help. Now over time it has become louder and consistent.
It is cooler in the am so there is no noise.. as the day gets warmer the noise gets louder.
The brakes are fine. The bolts fell off of the brake caliper. The brake caliper & fluid was replaced. The Brakes still do not work.
What could be the problem. Had enough the bolts fell off while caliper and I lost my brakes. What could be the problem.
It just turned on this morning
Hi everyone

I recently started having an issue with my 2011 ford fusion se 2.5L. I have had this car for over 3 years and never really had any issue until now. Car wont start if it was left out in cold even for couple hours. I do have a block heater and i leave it plugged at night and it starts with first crank in the morning.

I cant plug it in while i am at work so it becomes a real pain to start it. I never really had to use the block heater in the past winter when it also touched -35 degrees at night. For the past couple weeks i've been facing this issue.

Here are some more details
Oil change is due (i dont think that should be an issue).
Battery was installed last year.
Coolant level is good but never had it flushed (195000km)
Car has a code P0605

Has anyone had this issue?
Passenger is not used very often. Is this a possible recall type issue?
And I have taken it to two different shops and they put their little machine on it. And no codes come up
This should be another recall
Brake pedal goes to floor
My mechanic says ABS computer out and actuator. Total parts $2,200
Labor ?? Im not fixing it. Total lemon
Air conditioning starts out normal, then we hear a click and it becomes hot air, heater air. Had freon replaced, it is not that. Occurs about 90% of the time now
6 times I took my 2011 fusion to ford for upshifting problems. Each time they worked on something different. Software updates, solenoid piston, etc. And my car was still under extended warranty, but was told they don't know what's causing it and sent me on my way. I'm so frustrated because the issue is unsafe and my warranty expired with no help from ford? What do I do?
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