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I have a 2010 Ford Fusion 2.5L SE and, can you swap out that engine for an engine on a Ford Taurus or if not that can you swap the engine for the Ford Fusion Sport V6 engine instead.
My car acted as if it was going to stop while in motion when it driving! I asked about recalls on the ford site. There was one about a throttle, however, I can't seem to find it now. I entered my VIN number and all and it showed up that I needed that replacement could you please help me with this. I need to show the dealership what needs to be fixed tomorrow. Also, my brake fluid is leaking do you know of any recalls that could be causing this? Thanks
I got in my car this morning and my rearview mirror was dark as if I was driving at night. I have the auto dim feature. I have a 2010 Ford Fusion.
Happens only when the a/c is on
Changed the a/c compressor and belt, didn't help
R&R engine labor times
Happens very rarely, whether the car is hot or cold. The Electrical system was checked with no remarkable findings.
The starter and battery are good. lights come on. starter turns over good, but engine will not engage.
It is full manual steering!
Low beam light blown need to replace can't find it
Could the fuel filter be stopped up? I have had the surge valve replaced and the throttle replaced. Car surges or jumps while driving
had new brakes and rotors put on a week ago. Have not had any of the symptoms that it has gone bad, just the word of ford dealership two days after buying brakes and rotors- ususal?
The problem occurs when i accelerate fast and it's also making a constant squeaking noise from the front passenger side.
the battery went dead some wires at starter were damaged by rodents
Ok my brakes were grinding so much i messed up my right rear rotor n also messed up my i changed the rear brakes the rear right rotor n caliper..i also messed up n had to change master cylinder n brake booster n my car still has no brakes..
i was told it could
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