2008 Ford Fusion Questions

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I try to start it its crank but wont start I try to jump start it but didn't work what should I do?

What seems to make the problem better or worse? Nothing
How long have you had this problem? a few days
I pressed my brakes and felt a vibration with a sound like a thud.
once every 10 days or so car will come out of drive then let off the gas and goes back into gear when going 30-40 mph
Why is my Power steering leaking at the pressure control valve and don't know why
Dashboard. Light looks like a wrench
i am willing to buy a car ford fusion 2008 130k miles ?
Always. Note 250,000+ miles
2 people worked on transmission. I purchased the car brand new from Ford dealership.
the car wont start sometimes. all lights come on and turn key to start and nothing. seems to worst now since its gotten hot outside will only start in the early morning and that's all.
I am looking to purchase a 2008 ford fushion and would like to know what the typical service life is.
Recently started vibrating when accelerating, getting onto a highway. Could it be center drive shaft?
lack of power when wrench light is do i fix this problem any idea? Thank you
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