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When I stop, even with no other cars around me, I have a rich smell of exhaust in the cabin of the car. I don't smell it when driving down the road, but only when I stop. Could there be a leaky exhaust seal? Thoughts? Help?

they were making a loud grinding noise until i changed the pads and rotors. now, while driving and shifting to neutral, it stops on its own

The wrench light on

I was replacing my front pads and rotors and had to give the rotor a few whacks with a hammer to knock the rust loose. I forgot to take the precautionary step of putting the lug nuts on the studs beforehand though and nicked one of the studs, damaging it enough that it must be replaced. I tried to remove the stud, but the darn dust shield is in the way. Do I have to take the whole wheel apart just to change the lug stud?

the cigarette lighter on the dash works, but the cigarette lighter and audio input jack located in center console stopped working??????

how do we do it ourselves??? belt needs to be replaced is it safe to drive?

Guys, I am having re-occuring issues with the idler pulley. At about 65000 miles, pulley bolt was severely bent down and sheered 3/4 of the way, causing serpentine belt to fly off. At that time pulley was replaced. Same issue about 10k miles later. Again pulley was replaced,but not serpentine belt (wish I would have). Today about 3k miles later, belt has slipped off half way (breaking apart, as well) and idler pulley looks to be bent again, Any help is greatly appreciated. I am think maybe the belt is worn and slipping, but not sure why the pully bolt is breaking/bending.

It's located just forward of the alternator and is a fixed unit bolt is broken of

But will not open

I believe Ford needs to consider a recall with the bearing issues of the 2007 Ford Fusion. My husband and I have 51,000 on our car and are excellent with maintaining its service. We recently replaced both left and front wheel bearings and have now found out we have to replace the carrier bearing - drive shaft. The expense: We paid nearly $400 total for the 2 wheel bearings and will now have to dish out $800 for the carrier bearing...all within 5 weeks. I have researched online and am shocked how many others have had these issues! We are super drivers and this vehicle has been handled gently. Never have we had a car with so many issues - at 51,000 miles!

i have a 07 ford fusion i was wondering if anyone else had this problem. one day my windshield wiper fluid wouldnt come out (it was full) so i was trying a few things, come to find out it works when i have my right turn signal on??? its a pain in the ass when i need to clean my window and someone is behind me and i have to put my signal on

Lost power runs slugish obd 2 said it was the air pump secondary air injection change it but the problem still procedes. The timing is at 4 is that the right degree? Is there any other suggestions thank you I rather work onn car myself than to takke it to a shop.

I will start the car and it starts making a chirp. Accelerate and it gets louder. I apply my brakes and it gets quiet. If warmer weather it wont do it at all? What needs to be fixed or replaced now?

This occurs on both RH & LH turns but significant cold air blown on RH turn. Notice this significantly in the winter. No information from dealers on this issue. HELP! I'm freezing in Winnipeg!