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When I turn on the heat or air nothing comes through my vents but when the air conditioning is turned on I still hear that extra noise under my hood so I’m thinking it’s just hopefully a fuse
With the key stuck in the ignition, and we can't get it out, we did a check list.

1. We noticed the steering wheel wouldn't lock, after it was in Park, and shut the engine off. We checked the gear shift.
2. We turned the tires back and forth, checking steering column, it wouldn't lock.
3. Adjusted the steering wheel up and down, and forward an back.
4. Used a can of electronic air spray to clean around the key and steering wheel. Nothing happened.
trying to start car and it won't turn over.
My 2006 Ford Fusion has a big jerk in it when I am accelerating it makes loud noise when backing up. I got a oil change today and replaced my air injection system really need help.
The only thing that will work is the trunk lid, locks and lights.
For the last few weeks randomly my car when I put in the key and turn it the battery seems to work because the lights and radio turn on but the engine won't crank on it's been slowly getting worse and I plan to get it fixed today but now when I was trying to leave for the mechanic it won't start
checked fluid and resding full
I am wondering if I have transmison problems
Sounds to me like its in the passenger side.
aafter i stop the car put it in park and shut it off then restart my car everything is fine.
Yesterday when I left work, I went to shift into 1st and it felt strange and then I tried shifting into 2nd and it got stuck to the floor. I pulled over and and my boyfriend came to help me. He pulled the clutch out, took a look under the hood, didn't see a problem so he told me to drive it home. I had to keep pulling the clutch out when I shifted into 1st and 2nd in order to drive it. 3rd, 4th and 5th were fine. When we got home, he looked forever and couldn't find a leak. The break fluid was a little low but not much. There are no visible leaks and there was no smell. He thinks it may be the master cylinder. Any thoughts?
Has begun to whine. Sometimes, it doesn't want to go into park smoothly.
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