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The dealership diagnosed that the #1 coil was defective along with two (2) spark plugs (P0301-P0303) and recommended replacing the #1 coil and all of the six (6) spark plugs. Three (3) sparks plugs and coils are in the front and easily accessible but the other three (3) that are in the rear are obstructed and the intake manifold needs to be removed. Does anyone know where the #1 coil is located, as well as #2, #3, #4, #5 and #6? Thanks!
Im having a front wheel bearing replaced on a 2008 Ford Freestyle AWD. Is there anything I should look out for when doing the work?
come on after about 3 miles driving
goes off when engine shut off then on after driving
The switch works but the locks rapidly cycle up and down then stay up. Also, I can't lock the door from the outside with the key.
At highway speeds air seems to work fine cold air does come out sitting at a light some cool air comes out. If I drive local in 1st gear the engine revs over 2 and the air seems as if it is working fine
it only works when driving
Was driving down highway then rpms jumped all the way up and I lost power. Got it to side of the road and started it after waiting several min pressed gas pedal and barely moved. Now when I shift into reverse or neutral it just idles forward. Even if I press gas pedal it barely moves. The wrench, traction control, and engine are all showing.
Please help, I have 2 small children and can't afford to try and replace everything.
Replaced entire A/C unit. There is a door open under dash allowing hot exhaust air to come in and compete with the cold air. Rear air works fine.
My car was running earlier. The belt side was making noises for about a week. After many trips to auto shops and stores i was given a list of possibilities from a bad timing belt, loose timing chain, bad a/c compressor, bad tensioner and bad camshaft. about 5 or six hours after parking my car, it will not start. It has battery. It is very very weak on turning over and then that stopped as well.
car heats up during a trip then dash lite comes on n you cant drive more then 20 mph. tac revs 4000 rpm,s any common problems with this other then replacing tans cvt 2wd. ???
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