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car knocking and want climb hill and engine vibrates
Car won't start, may have misplaced fuse,had battery charged
Car hasn't started in 2 weeks had battery charged, changed 3 back coil ,rpm gauge jumps when trying to start, check engine light on, do not have an owner's manual to go bought troubleshooting
We have put a throttle body on this car and a gas feed petal with a sensor. Still want take fuel.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? It ran good till they put the wrong gas in it.
How long have you had this problem? Hasn't run in over two weeks been sitting.
seems like car struggles going up hill every time
The rattling stop when very light pressure is applied to break pedal. Trouble started after a Ford oil change, which included car inspection (fluid levels,brakes,tires,tire rotation). Rattle was minor at first, but has really gotten louder. When it first started Ford dealer took a quick look on my next oil change and said they could find nothing. If I made an appointment, they could check it further. I didn't have time.
I replaced throttle body battery gas paddle still wrench light comes on need help bad
Driving down the road the wrench light came car stopped accelerating turn the car off acceleration the light came back on no
i've just bought it 2 weeks ago it was great car ,i parked it and it doesn't want to go in gear again,the towing guy help me out he pressed on shift linkage and the car moved.
when i first start my car in the morning every day specialy if the wether is cool both the throttle control/transmission light and the traction control turns on. i have to warm up the car then turn it of and then turn it on again and the lights of throttle control/transmission light and the traction control going off. while the lights are on the car no run more than 20 miles/hr after the light going off the car runs perfect. i don't know where o what is the problem i hope you can help me. thank you
replaced fuel filter, clean throttle body.
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