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the interior lights will not go off like they should or not at all. i had to take the battery cables off to turn the interior lights off. I did not want to do this but I had no option. at night the interior lights will not go off so this is dangerous
Won't start but clicks radio defaults to am station and CD player goes through cycles

What seems to make the problem better or worse? need freoin ,not cold.
My freestyle is making noise from transmission in park then goes silent once in gear ?
Loss power when i use the ac
And my lock sign blinks on and off
But it is blowing hot air while we drive.
the check engine light just came on tonight
it seems to be only when engine is cold and I drive a short distance shut it off and then try to drive it again. We changed fuel pressure regulator and a broken wire to the regulator ok for a little while now problem again.
Then after shut down and restart light goes out and car runs good again. This happens a few times a week at least. Do I really need a new throttle body?
It will start and run just fine until its been running for about 10 minutes. Replaced throttle body and still having issue. It does start to "sputter" before it completely stalls
I need to tow the vehicle but can't unless with a flatbed, and I don't have access to one. I can tow it myself if either front or rear tires (or all 4) can roll. Is there something I can do? Disconnecting the driveshaft maybe?
Wrench light and eng light came on I put a new throttle body on and a peddle sensor and battery .and I drive down the road find 20 ,mins later the eng light and wrench comes back on
It has been very crazy. Low level warning came on filled res. tan. Two days later same thing. Took to shop, did pressure test. Replaced tank cap. Two days later getting on hwy temp gauge shot up to h and check engine temp came on. Filled tank, drove 2 and half hours on hwy. No problem. Stop get gas check tank all is good. Get back on hwy same thing fill tank drive back home no problem. Take to shop run tests nothing found. Three days later go on 45 minute drive on hwy yep same thing. Fill tank. Drive about 5 minutes does it again. Fill tank, nothing happens for three days. Decide to take it a Ford service shop. A 30 minute drive at 55 to 60 mph. Had to fill tank three times I got low level warning and check engine temp with gauge going to h. Ford runs pressure test twice, checks exhaust checks inside floor mats.checks everything Can't find a leak. What is going on, any help would greatly appreciated.
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