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I opened it to put something in there 5 mins later it wouldn't open. A few hours go by went out and unlocked the van it opened right up. And now it wont open at all. Big pain in the ass.
Struggling here... here's as much information as I can recall.

2006 ford freestar 4.2L 240000km

Initially I received an engine misfire code for cylinder 2. I ended up then replacing all the spark plugs and the wiring, as it was original. Every since then I have been receiving idling issues with the odd engine code.

After this replacement, I received p0171. Concerned, I ended up taking out all the oxygen sensors and cleaned them overnight in gasoline. Received the same code, replaced bank 1 sensor 1.

P0171 came back. Cleaned MAF/IAT sensor, repaired vacuum leak on EGR valve and EVAP system, replaced fuel filter. Removed injectors and cleaned them externally. Cleaned throttle body, idle air control valve. Removed catalytic converters and soaked in cleaning vinegar, rinsed and reinstalled. Filled exhaust flex pipe cracks with crack sealant. Two bottles of cleaner in fuel tank. Ran two bottles of cleaner through the intake system.

Latest code and only code now is p2195. Still runs rough but now it seems to backfire a lot and when check the temperatures of the CATs, bank 1 is quite a bit cooler than bank 2. Removed wiring from Cyl 3, no change in engine idling. Installed 3 and removed 2, no change in engine idling. Reinstalled 2 and removed 1, engine ends up running smooth at idle. Coil pack resistances all within tolerances. Cyl 1 spark plug black and wet...

What the heck should I try next?? I am not sure how I can remove a spark plug and the engine runs better... and the other two don't change the issue, tells me 2 and 3 are bad?

I am stumped. I haven't got a good code scanner to check fuel trims or a fuel gauge to check fuel pressure unfortunately.
I had just pulled in about twenty minutes later I went to pull up and turn when I put it in drive and pulled up fine but when I went to back up it wouldn't go in reverse and now it's like it's in neutral.Checked fluid its fine maybe a little over and has been since I bought it used in Feb this year. One other time a month or two ago it done this and wouldn't shift into drive but I thought it was minor because when I shifted to park and back to drive it went. No lights came on it didn't make a noise that I could hear anyways. What could this be?
How to unlock child safety locks side doors
getting error code P1715
When I take off from a stop under acceleration my van backfires it also seems to misfire but it's not as bad with the AC off
Then after 20 - 25 minutes the series of beeps will start again. It sounds like the door is ajar, but no door is ajar and no lights go on.
Where are the locations for the lubrication points for front end lubrication?
I drove approximately 200 miles yesterday. Towards the end of the trip, while on a highway, my car lost all power. The cruise control worked intermittently during the trip.

Prior to this, a computer board is going / has gone bad. One of the phone chargers doesn't work, the odometer doesn't show, and the rear windows are inoperable. Not sure if these are connected.

Any ideas?
and it will start up again I'm afraid to drive the car I have 2 young boy don't want to take a chance on us getting killed what to do
What can i do to keep driving the vechile until i have enough money to buy all the to the a/c system.Told they dont make a by pass pullee to install where the a/c shall go , in order to keep driving the van without breaking the belt. The a/c is not turning at all.
Starter on still wont turn over is this me that the battery has not enough cranking amage
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