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I change the filter and my transmission fluid in my transmission now it ain’t changing gears
need to know the width and length so I can buy a sun shade that fits the whole windshield
It runs like it is going to run out of gas.but then it takes on off.then itstarts running like it is going to run out of gas and then runs ok for afew minutes then does it again
when i press gas paddle is i feel loose . i have dont have to press it .slightly put the foot able to drive
Could it be the selector switch or a shift solenoid
2005 Ford freestar,Putting noise, raising engine noise
My wife has a 2005 Ford Freestar. The gear selector lever moves just fine and the linkage is moving at the neutral safety switch but the transmission stays in park. You can here a clicking from the neutral safety switch location as the gear selector is moved in to each position but the van stays in park. Does anyone have an idea whether the neutral switch could be the problem or if it is more likely to be the transmission itself?

I can't seem to get replies to post here. The temperature here has gone up about 20-30 degrees F and the van is now working just fine. I have no explanation for that but I'm going to try replacing the transmission filter and fluid (w/o doing a flush as recommended in a reply I got that is not showing up here) and see if that prevents the problem in the future. If the site starts working better I'll update. Thank you pushrod for your suggestions, they are greatly appreciated!
changed fuel rail pressure sensor so it's not that. starts and runs great until turned off and restarted, like getting gas. then hard starting and rough idle unless it sits awhile.
I changed plugs and wires and I have ohmed out my fuel injectors and they are ok. I am only getting a misfire on cylinder 4. My van has 251,000 miles. So I don t want to spend too much on it. It's a 3.9 l I installed new coil ignition pack 2 yes ago
Q: What is that clicking or tapping noise from the transmission? I had a mechanic tell me the noise is coming from the back of the transmission but he couldn't tell me what the problem was. I crank up my car and after it warms up it goes to making a clicking or tapping sound and it never stops until I turn the key off. I would really appreciate your help with this matter.
Thank you,
battery died cause alternater was no good replaced alternater charged battery and now speedometer does not working
What seems to make the problem better or worse? nothihg
How long have you had this problem? since battery died after alternater was no good
Cannot figure how to put the tire jack back into my 2005 Ford Freestar.
abs light came on
my exhaust system has rusted out
I took it to autozone, the code was for the cylinder head temp sensor, i replaced that, still have the same problem.
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