Was told I could disable it to keep it from closing automatically

I have replaced the neutral safety switch. I have a new backup lamp switch but cannot find the old one. Please help

new fuel pump and filter

has new fuel pump and filter

a mechanic apparently UNPLUGGED the Drivers seat while repairing something else. Fuses are good, I just need to know how to Re-plug the drivers seat power back up.

also when switch on acc radio works when put to start radio goes out . jumped from starter to battery would crank with switch on start but no start

Le acelero y se jalonea que podria ser

I drove my husband to work and while his semi was warming up we were in my van with it running. At some point it stalled without us realizing it I tried to restart it and at first it was trying to but after a couple trys nothing the engine wouldn't even make a sound what can it be

van drives well, 60,000 miles

what should be included in the estimate besides the cost of the transmission fluid and filter

When I'm driving while its raining my van doesn't accelerate properly, it makes a light pop like a back fire, it spits like its going to die and my engine light flashes. I've got a diagnostic ran on it and all they say is cylinder 1 misfire. This only happens when its raining. What could my problem be.