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2004 Ford Freestar Reviews and Owner Comments

2004 Ford Freestar (13 Reviews)
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Bought van in 2004. Problems beginning still love it but time let it go can't complain because it was very dependable ever looking at another Ford vehicle.
I love the sturdiness and the power of this Van. It feels better than any imports or any GM models. but it could use an extra foot of length, cant fit an 4 x 8 footer inside. Now after 250000km u-joint on my steering is jamming and cruse control is intermittent. Price to fix the two is about $1000 and that is about the value of the vehicle if put on the Kijiji. If they continued making this Van I would like it.
This Van is great. Just had torque converter recall work finished and all went smooth with just 3 hours time. You people that destroy 2 and 3 transmission on a car must be really stomping the gas pedals. My van has 93000 miles and drives like showroom condition. My tech told me that my old converter shaft had very little wear and i am not a gas pedal stomper. I expect to get 200000 from this van
I, like everyone else, just hate this thing! 138,000 and the transmission blows to pieces...BLOWS to pieces! Rebuild that plus some additional parts to the tune of $2800 now there's a recall on my torque converter. Spark plugs are going up and the brakes suck the big one as well! Does Ford help out when you call??? NO! They give you the run around about how the recall won't be "officially" released until April 2012. However, when mine finally goes out before then, it WILL "safely coast to the shoulder of the road". Hopefully not in front of an 18 wheeler. Built with Pride, my Aunt Fanny!!!
Let me just say this is by far the worst mistake i have ever made. i have a 2005 Ford Freestar and had to replace the trans @ 45k. this van is worst than a lemon it's really sour grapes!!!! i have to now at 60k replace the master air flow as well as the evr valve or whatever you call it... i feel like many of you all i wished someone would've stole this headache because it's worst than raising my four children... oh did i mention i'm steal paying a note on this crap which is probably less than the maintenance...BOO FORD for this peice of trash!!!!!
I purchased my van in 2005 at one year old and have taken it in to have the tranny, air conditioning, brake rotors, both electric window motors and various sensors replaced. I have also had to pay for a complete tune up and this is all within the first three years of owning this LEMON. NEVER NEVER again will I buyan obviously poorly constructed vehicle from Ford.
Yeah, I thought this van was a steal, now I am just wishing someone would steal it however I didn't buy the gap insurance and I still owe more than the darn thing is worth. By 85K I had to replace the transmission, now at 94K I am replacing the ignition coil and the plugs and the intake runners. Now today the wiper motor goes and did they mention that everything they would normally be able to get to is behind the engine so it costs extra just to do anything. I mean they had to take the van apart just to get to the motor to test it. I am going to spend about 1500.00 on this van just this week alone and I haven't even purchased the two new tires that are needed for the stupid inspection a month away. I hate this car.
Comfortable but A REAL PAIN IN THE A**. Tranny went at 85k.
I have driven 186K so far on my 2004 Freestar 4.2 and this is the greatest vehicle I've ever owned. There has never been a recall and the quality is really great. The only service problems I've had were 2 electric window motors under warrantee, an alternator and the charcoal canister. Routine maintenance is easy and it only needs a tuneup every 100K miles. I'm planning on driving mine for several more years.
This is the WORST minivan I've ever had. It has had 2 transmissions replaced, steering went out,brakes are not the greatest, air conditioning went out twice. And check engine light stays on constantly no matter what I do, and the transaxle light continues to blink non stop. JUNK!
I am a careful driver and always do basic maintenance, so my car should be in good shape. HERE IS WHAT I HAVE HAD TO DO BY 100,000 mi: --new rear brake calipers --new CD player --fix the passenger side mirror --fix a seatbelt latch --fix a strap for the rear seat (for flipping the seat) and the two most annoying... --NEW AC COMPRESSOR --NEW TRANSMISSION All of this by 100,000 This car is a lemon; I'll never buy another Ford again.
Just over 100k and the engine is shot. Gas mileage was never too good 15 mi average. Brakes have never been that good either. pedal goes most of the way to the floor.