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I had new windshield wiper blades put on 2 months ago. Now they are sticking when I turn them on and I have to keep turning them on to get them to go back down. My dealer said it was the wiper motor but they never moved my car at all to take it and check the problem. How would they know if that is the problem without them giving it a diagnoses check?
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Gas or exhaust fumes are strong coming through vents
Strong gas fumes or sometimes exhaust fumes come thru my vents. What would cause this?
Its making loud ticking noise when the engine is completely turn
I drive a 2015 Ford Focus with a manual transmission. When the A/C is on it was only blowing extremely hot air, I realized the car was over heating which I thought was why it was accelerating slowly. I had the clutch and gas both down in first gear trying to move and my RPMs were rising but I wasn’t moving forward. My emergency brake wasn’t on. After I turn the A/C off the gauge went down from “H” to the middle and the car drove normal. From there only at random did it over heat and not accelerate from a stop(the A/C was off) .
My husband called the mechanic but I’m hoping to get some info to avoid getting ripped off at the mechanics.
I have a check engine light that came up with the code P0302. Mechanic said it could be a number of things and can't seem to get specific for me.
I am new to the automatic transmission family, and my car is sputtering around the 1st and 2nd gear. What is wrong and is it going to cost me thousands of dollars to fix?
I recently purchased a 2015 Focus hatchback. The one I bought did not have fog lights. I didn't want to pay for the extra package, when fog lights is all I was interested in. (Plus, I really liked the color of this one better.) Anyway ... I'm wondering how much it would cost to add fog lights. The wiring harness might already be there ... I'd need to replace the front skirts and the light switch, as well as adding the lights themselves. Can anyone tell me what sort of expense I'd incur to get fog lights added?
Also on the web application why can't I select Ford Fusion for 2015?
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