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Tcm went bad and now the day I bring it home from the shop after repair, the catalytic converter is bad. It redlined for about 3 miles trying to get it to dealership for repair the first time, and drove it less than 10 miles home, before the engine light came on for the catalytic converter.
Okay so I had my starter replaced yesterday by a great mechanic because that seemed to be the issue my car would light up when I put the key in so no dead battery but wouldn’t start. Sometimes it starts sometimes it doesn’t. It seems my car doesn’t start when it’s hot only when it’s cool. He suggested it could be my PCM but when my car does start no lights are on and it’s fine. Just it seems it gets too hot so when I cut it off it won’t start back up. You hear a whirring sound when you try to start it but no start. This started out of the blue on Wednesday. Could my PCM/TCM have went bad all of a sudden with no warning? Or could it be something as simple as a faulty ground wire? There is corrosion built up on the terminals on my battery and the main ground looks crusty. My battery was just replaced 8 months ago so it’s not a bad battery.
I have a 2012 Ford Focus SEL. I need the cat replaced, but many places are unable to if it's welded on. How would i know if it is? My car had two owners before me, came with no manual, and I don't know much about cars and apparently Google can't answer the question either.
Focus after about 12 miles die if there is 1/2 or less of gas at stop sign. But if I have a full tank of gas its find ?
Driving the d will start blinking and the car will not go even though it is running if you put it in park the p blinks if you turn it off it will not start for about 20 minutes and the p blinks
I want to replace the blower resistor. I cant find the location.
Fuel gauge is stuck at a quarter tank
Just posted about volvo s40 really fed up with cam belts , this new ford engine is cam & chain just wondering what if cam snaps in such engine will it cause similar damage as can only cars ??
Kindly replay
I took it apart and it doesn't want to come on is it the radio dead or what
Hi everyone. I purchased used Ford Focus 2012 a month ago and its mileage is around 40400 miles.

In the first week itself, I've noticed Screeeeeech sound while taking reverse and then applying brakes. The frequency of hearing this sound is very less.

But 3 days before, I noticed huge vibration in steering for about 3 to 4 seconds while accelerating at lower gear.

And today, I noticed the same problem. The vibration is much greater than before and it happened when I apply brakes. The first vibration occurred when I slowed down in speed breaker and the second happened when I applied brakes during the turn and I was about to lose the control.

So, after noticing these things I went to mechanic explained him everything. Unfortunately, none of the things happened when he took the test drive.

Any idea what's going on with my car? I don't have even basic knowledge to I identify where the problem is.

Any help is appreciated.
When I first bought it a few months ago I would hav to jiggle it then it would turn but now it won't do anything
If I have 1 tire from one brand and 3 from another, as long as they're the same size, will that affect my gas mileage negatively?
Is there anything I can do during my daily driving to prevent the car from going out of alignment?
My car intermittently cuts off the audio, even when nothing is playing. What I mean by this is that a popping sound happens, and then after that, the stereo won't make any noise until I turn the car off and then back on again.
The panel under the engine compartment is falling apart. Do I need to replace it or can I just leave it off?
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