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The crankshaft pulse sensor is not in the spot where it was originally where we took it out of our 2011 transmission. Please help because we need our car and we are out of money...
Catalyst evaporative system. What do I do .
car runs normal when cold.after warm up ,car will not go above 3k rpm. no codes visible.acceleration is very slight and touchy.this happened after bad fuel was put into tank
What mileage would it need to be done at
Does not happen all the time
I can talk but it will not recognize the numbers i am saying
What's the estimated cost to fix this issue?
Vehicle cut off on interstate running about 70mph. Would not start but would turn over.
it sounds if the noise is coming from front left hand side,i have had new brake pads fitted 2 month ago,any ideas.
I just got coolant i hear sloshing noise from dash? What is this?
I have changed EGR due to occasional rough idle, and thermostat but problems persists. It has to be temperature related so next item would be the sensor on engine telling ECU what it thinks the temperature the engine is operating at. Diagnostics showed all OK. When I first got this car and first winter all was great then this started. This summer in high temperatures mileage returned to 41 mpg. Experts tell me engine temp is critical for proper operation.
When I first purchased the car, the backlighting always worked. Then after the first year, it would periodically go out at random times. Currently, it is not lit more often than is lit. All the other interior lighting works(meaning the dashboard and dome lights). Is it a short somewhere? If so, how to I fix it? Thanks!
When you disconnect the battery you are able to remove the key. I have been reading on internet and figured it to be in the console. Now I need to know how to remove the console to get to the switch. Any directions or diagrams will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
when u disconnect battery it comes out but when u hook it back up key is stuck anyone have a idea what it could be
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