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My AC compressor on my 2010 Ford Focus SE has completely seized. Repair estimate to replace compressor, belt, receiver-drier (due to debris in system) is $1100-1500, which isn't really in the budget right now. The compressor can be bypassed with a shorter belt though, correct? Anyone know what size belt would be needed? Also, is a bypass pulley an option, as well? I've seen it for other vehicles, but haven't for a Focus before.
2010 ford focus
My car was stolen and the keys were never returned back to me they got out of the keys and I never got the keys back so I went to change the ignition and got it changed and everything and I'm showing a code 13 and I cannot get it started or do anything and I'm hearing a noise in the back of a time I turn the key at like a click I guess around the gas tank it sounds like to me but I'm just curious what can I do to get my car to start
My 2010 Focus got a new heater core, thermostat, and water pump 2 months ago. It had been blowing heat on the driver’s side, but cold air on the passenger side. Now there is an odor coming through the vents when the heat is on. The coolant reservoir is empty so I figured the odor was antifreeze. The dealership pressure tested it for 3 hours and tells me no leaks. They said they also smell odor but aren’t sure it is antifreeze, say it may be exhaust. How do you explain the empty coolant reservoir if there are no leaks?

leaks? when the heat is on.
I have a Ford Focus II 2010 1.6 TDCI.

The car loses power at certain points, usually when I get to a high rev. It will then just about maintain the same speed but with little or no acceleration. I brought it back to the seller (under warranty) who changed the EGR valve. It did not fix the issue, but he then told me he just discovered that the EGR valve he used is not fully compatible with Focuses and that I would need a different one. He now refuses to change it or answer calls.

So my questions -
1. Do you think the EGR valve is the issue?
2. If so, which is the correct, compatible EGR valve to purchase so I can take it to another mechanic.

When am driving the temperature warning light goes on and off while am driving what could cause that?
It has been going out intermittently for a few months and now it has been out for approximately 10 days. When it went out before it would work again after sitting out in the sun for a few hours. But this time it has not come back on.
Just started Wil blow cold air out of vent on passenger side but only blows warm air on drivers side vents
Need to replace low beam bulb. Can not find it
Now the computers are syncing up.
Due to abundance of cheap imports and pull apart parts being passed off as new and or original supplier
I have to forcefully turn the key while pushing in to start the car. It is extremely hard for me to do this because I gave RA. The problem is getting worse.
Changed the spark plugs now the idle runs rough. Also sometimes problem starting engine. It also has an egg smell and will disappear after a while. The engine light does not come on and there is no code to check. Main problem is rough idle and starting engine. What is the cause of this problem
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