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When am driving the temperature warning light goes on and off while am driving what could cause that?
It has been going out intermittently for a few months and now it has been out for approximately 10 days. When it went out before it would work again after sitting out in the sun for a few hours. But this time it has not come back on.
Just started Wil blow cold air out of vent on passenger side but only blows warm air on drivers side vents
Need to replace low beam bulb. Can not find it
Now the computers are syncing up.
Due to abundance of cheap imports and pull apart parts being passed off as new and or original supplier
I have to forcefully turn the key while pushing in to start the car. It is extremely hard for me to do this because I gave RA. The problem is getting worse.
Changed the spark plugs now the idle runs rough. Also sometimes problem starting engine. It also has an egg smell and will disappear after a while. The engine light does not come on and there is no code to check. Main problem is rough idle and starting engine. What is the cause of this problem
When returning to my car I press the unlock button on my keychain control and just the driver's door unlocks. But the doors that won't unlock change from day to day. when the front doors won't unlock with the button on the inside of the door or the keychain control, you can pull on the inside handle (like you were opening the door) and it will come unlocked but you have to pull really hard.
Rear drivers side door will not open. Have tried everything short of cutting it.It did this before but all of a sudden worked again.Then 2 months ago it closed and won't open again. Had the same issue with the rear passenger door, that got fixed after a car/deer accident, but body man had to cut hole in door to get it open to remove.
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