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It sounds like my tires are spinning out but I'm on dry pavement its also jerked really bad when i put it in reverse
I was having to jam the key hard in the ignition for it to turn over but doesn't work any more.a locksmith said the chip inside the ignition is broke.The lights on the dashboard all come when I turn the key over.but the car don't turn on
now it only turns over now but want start.a locksmith came out and said the chip on the inside of the ignition is broke.i bought a transever.can you help
I am recently a proud owner of a 2009 Ford focus and as I got home I looked over the car myself, and I have came across that the exhaust manifold is a hard plastic instead of a finishing metal and I've come to realize that, that's not right at all and I'm wondering how or what I should do to go about getting this problem fixed. The car runs nice and everything is good on it but I can't come to myself in terms of why the exhaust from the head down is a hard plastic as that would melt over time..
What seems to make the problem better or worse? It's worse when the engine gets hot.
How long have you had this problem? About a month
I have an 09 Ford Focus I bought new in Oct 2008. I noticed after a few months my carpet on the passenger front started to come up from the door. Is anyone else having/had issues with that? I was told that the 09 model's carpet was cut too short at the factory, but I cannot find any type of recall for it?
Now my car won't start how do I fix it myself
I feel like I have to replace my brakes every 2 years during inspection time and it feels like such a short period of time.
I replaced my battery in early 2013 and just recently I had to get it jumped when it wouldn't turn over when I tried starting it.
I have noticed recently that while my air conditioner does work, the air isn't as cold as it use to be.
I am looking for some advice on our 2 family cars. One is a 2009 Ford Focus with 68,000 miles, it is completely paid off! The other is a 2012 Subaru Outback with less than 40,000 miles but we have 4-5 years of payments left on it.
I run my own business so I work from home and commute to a local office- 4 minute drive away. I also run the errands like grocery shopping etc but everything is very close to us.
My husband works for a hospital 40 minutes away and goes to school 30 minutes away.
Who should use which car? And what is smartest financially? My husband WANTS to use the Outback because he likes it better. I want to use the Outback because of the easier to use trunk space for errand running plus my thought is the newer car should be used less? My husband drives a lot more miles than me so is it smarter for him to use the Focus that is paid off? Or should he be driving the newer car? Any advice is greatly appreciated!
cost to repair front and back suspensionswith heavy duty struts and shocks absorbers and labor costs estimated
was told I could eliminate light on dash showing fuel cap by replacing this.
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