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starts up ok when revs slow down from cold engine fluctuates and shakes like its going to cut out tick over goes up and down when I changed the plugs 2 were sooty black
It is 2008 Ford Focus. Is there a way or an emergency release on outside of or under car anywhere?
why after we shut off are car go in the store start it does not start it starts then we start it again it starts
Want to find and exchange the PCM but can not locate it
I was wondering how long does it takes to change thermostat on a ford focus ses if a mechanic had to do it cause I can't pass emission and I was wondering how long it takes a mechanic because I was thinking of doing it myself cause my plate is going to expire soon and I saw pictures on how to change it but
rubbing noise
hear rubbing sound. especially hard to steer when first starting off.
Anti-freeze was leaking out on the driver side freeze plug. How many freeze plugs are there on a Ford Focus? Is it possible to replace the freeze plugs without removing the engine?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? It's worse when the car runs for a while
How long have you had this problem? a few weeks
Had all new system put in last summer.
I started my car the other day and turned the AC on high. Drove a mile. Smelled something almost burnt- only smelled for about 30 seconds- and then a loud click and my AC system stopped. No fan noise. No hot air blowing. Only power lights to the controls will work. Only issue I've had on this car and the air has been blowing cold all summer.
Vibrates loudly and I can see the hydraulic mount has a crack in the rubber I want to know will that alone cause so much vibration it vibrates driving as well as in idle parked and neutral
I have a progressively (getting louder) squeak from the passenger side of my car. When I had my oil changed, Quick Lubes, told me that it was a bearing or two around the alternator. And it is a 5 hour labor job. I am trying to save up the money, I am just not sure how much time I have. It has 204, 000 miles.
Only happens when I hit a bump.
Want to change my shifter knob need to know how to do it
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