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Vibrates loudly and I can see the hydraulic mount has a crack in the rubber I want to know will that alone cause so much vibration it vibrates driving as well as in idle parked and neutral

I have a progressively (getting louder) squeak from the passenger side of my car. When I had my oil changed, Quick Lubes, told me that it was a bearing or two around the alternator. And it is a 5 hour labor job. I am trying to save up the money, I am just not sure how much time I have. It has 204, 000 miles.

Only happens when I hit a bump.

Want to change my shifter knob need to know how to do it

No money to add coolant to radiator. Light is on. Can I fill it with water?

Lights on dash board go off and on sporadically

I think I need the BODY CONTROL MODULE replaced...can you refer me?

I need a Body Control Module for my Ford Focus 2008... a new one. I have tried sending emails to Ford Dealers - can you advice? Thanks


I replaced the battery in the car today. The anti theft system has prevented me from starting my car on a regular basis for over a year. I could usually get the car started after cycling the key in the ignition multiple times and after turning off the radio, the A/C and closing all doors and applying the brakes and turning the steering wheel 1/4 turn. My car had an aftermarket car alarm last year. When this problem first came up, I had that alarm removed from my car. That solved the problem for some time. Over last 5 - 6 months the non-starting issue has become a daily occurrence. My car has no "Valet" switch nor REMOTE start,yet the anti theft light flashes even after I unlock the doors, either with the key or the fob. What procedure can I do so I may start the car without fear of being stranded? Please help! My car last started and got me home on 7/19/2014. Since then, it's been the same as always: I turn the key and all systems power up and the engine never turns! Thank you.

I took off door panel dont see anything broke tried to reset rod to latch but still dont work. The handle when pulled doesnt open door and doesnt go back like a spring or something missing. if i take handle out i can move the rod to the latch up and down dont know if when handle goes back on is it sopose to hook on something that im missing thanks for any help. this is the outside handle