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Just recently the air won't blow from the vents in front of the driver and passenger but it will blow from the top of the dashboard. It definitely takes longer to cool the car that way.
Does the focus have anti siphon? What's the easiest way to empty the tank? Was told I can just jack the car up and unscrew a bolt or cap and it'll come out that way? Is that accurate?
I was driving when I smelled something odd. Then I noticed smoke coming from the hood of my car and my window started fogging up. I pulled over and popped my hood and found my coolant resavoir cap out of place and coolant all over my engine.
The motor idols high when I press the clutch for upcoming stops. When the cat is completely stopped it idols back down.
starts good in dry or cold weather
I need to know if a 2002 Ford focus transmission will work in 2007 Ford focus automatic or standard
it still starts the belt right below where you put the power steering fluid is just hanging its not wraped around where its supposed to be
When I accelerate the tachometer goes very high and then I have to let off the gas so it can drop into gear
ford focus 2007 battery light turn on and off after replacing brushes,alternator was serviced 3months back after it failed to charge battery then 2 weeks back the car was failing to charge battery and replaced brushes.lternator is charging but battery light keeps turning on and off
Accelerates great on the freeway ..when you let off ...then accelerate it feels like it slips...and catches up...??
The oil light and everything else is good just wondering what the yellow light that looks like a motor means.
how do you get the old headlight out do you turn it to the left or right or just pull it straight out
Bought a new battery and alternator, had a mechanic to replace and why does the battery light still comes on and off while driving? Thanks
I have a battery light ON in my Ford focus 2007 ST

4 months back, I changed the compressor because the clutch was not engaging.

Two days back I changed my tensioner and serpentine belt because my local mechanic told me that the belt was slipping and oil spilled on the belt because of the valve cover gasket leak. I replaced the gasket too.

I'm getting this battery light. So I replaced a new battery under warranty.

Now when I looked at the compressor clutch, it seems to engage and disengage intermittently. Alternator and battery is tested in autozone. The alternator is fine. They said the battery is not good. But it's a new battery.

There is a electrical issue problem, something related to alternator-compressor-battery circuit.

Please help.
Starter was replaced with a new one and the same issue exist. Could this be the battery or a relay of some type? Thank you!

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