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About a week ago my instrument cluster went out and now whenever I press on my brake pedal my actual brake lights start flashing. Is this related to the cluster going out? Or is there another problem that would be occuring to make that happen?
My CD player is bad and I was wondering if there is a solution to installing a cassette player in a 2006 ford focus. Most of the backs to radios seem to look different that I have looked at.
It came on before and would turn off after this happened car ended up dying and wouldn't start again. Found out it was the alternator. Changed it and now2 itnrums but light is still on so I'm constantly driving under 40
I put the cluster in the same year and model car and it works fine
Theres alot of screechs & squels in the back left whell when I drive. Could this be the bearings are bad or does this mean it needs grease in the bearrings?
how do you get the side door panel off?
The selector switch won't go to the other designations ie:-)feet dash vents etc.
But will die
Have already tuned up(new fuel filter and plugs), installed iacv and throttle position sensor
auto and had the battery tested they said it was low but they couldn't check the alternator until it was off the car and they said for me to get a new battery first. The car starts and drives fine could it be a sensor?
It also flashes faster than normal at times. Already put a new signal switch on the steering column.
It also flashes faster than normal at times.
I have had a problem with my air injection system for awhile now. I replaced every part to the system (air pump, hoses running to the pump and valves, egr valve, diverter valve and fuse) and air tubes going down into exhaust manifold were given a good cleaning. The codes were reset but after all monitors reset themselves the light came back on and with the same codes. Ive been looking at all sorts of forums and am seeing that in some cases the ecu has to be reprogrammed to recognize the new pump. Can anyone tell me if there is any truth to this?
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