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it has been happening for awhile

every time i start the car and i'm checked the gas cap

The guy at autozone said it seems there is a blocked vacuum hose. The code says IMRC is stuck open -- probable cause is Short circuit, damage to the IMRC, or blocked vacuum hose. The check engine light is staying on.

It started blinking tonight. I parked my car and shut the engine off. After I started it, the light went away. What does it mean and should I be worried?

Does anyone know the part # or where to buy them? I may just go to local junk yard. These cables plug into the Teperature control switch and run to the blend door.


Hi, I think the Passive Anti-theft System (PATS) of my 2005 Ford Focus ZX4 SES has gone bad. The car starts but the PATS light in the dash board keeps flashing if I turn the ignition off, also when the key if removed from the ignition and when I get out of the car and lock it. In all the above instances the PATS light keeps flashing. How can I reset it or whats wrong with the car?

I just got a used car and the owner was not sure about the car has a belt or chain. So I wanted help with that. Also it would be nice if you could advise about the maintenance I need to undertake for my car with respect to the requested part.
Currently its driven about 70k miles and appears to be in good condition.

need 2 see a throttle body assembie 4 an 2.0 cant get the cable hooked up it was wrecked an complety broken when i got it have the book but it dont show or i cud be missin something bought a new throttle body

when you turn the key no sound is heard at all. still has all the power to car and will start when crossing the starter with screwdriver

i have a hole in my AC evaporator and i need the labor guide for it and the drier

I have minimal front end damage (knicks on the bumper, the ford emblem fell off, bend at top right hand side of hood) from a solo accident. The hood still shuts and locks but it comes up an inch or two if I go over 50 miles per hour. I just want to know if this is a safety issue and if it needs to be replaced soon. If it does, how much would that cost? If it just needs repairs, how much would that cost?

I have a 05 focus sometimes when I put it in park it revs up

Rebuilt automatic

When the weather is damp, when I leave for work sometimes my brakes squeel when I am stopping at a light. When I break quickly then drive and push the brake again it doesn't squeel. I have been told it has been 4 years since brakes have been looked at. Do I need to have the brakes replaced or can they be turned or what?

Engine temperature is irrelevant, the heater will not blow warm air unless the car is in motion. A friend suggested this morning that it could possibly be a failure of the heater core. And today the outside ambient temperature was down to nearly the freezing point. Car has 95K miles on the odometer.