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The leak only happens during driving and after.
On acceleration when the engine is warm it has a got a misfire. My engine is a 1.8 ltr.
Heater blows a little bit of heat out, but not much
I lost my keys to my car and I need a replacement one how much is it going to cost me?
i recently went over a pothole, heard a popping sound, and now my back end hangs a little lower. boyfriend said it must be a coil. does this sound right, is that what the correct term is, and how much should it cost to replace?
I have a problem with power that seems to be getting more frequent. When I give my car gas, or just while driving along without accelerating, my electronics system flutters and I briefly lose power. I cannot accelerate and my instrument panel and lights flicker too.

This continues rapidly until I pull my car over to the side of the road, turn off the engine and let it sit for a minute. When I turn it back over, the radio station reset to the bottom of the AM frequency, but all my presets are still saved.

On my way home from work the other day it happened 6 times in a 40 minute trip. Any help or solutions for this problem will be greatly appreciated!
The car runs very well in morning while going to office.
Smooth gear shifting, no misfire
The car stands in open the whole day and in evening while coming back, its doesn't run more than 100 kmph and gives jerks .
upon stopping the car and giving acceleration in neutral gear, it misfires,
I have changed
Spark Plugs, Coil, fuel pump but in vain.
pl suggest
How do I fix this problem? Also, the dash lights went out at the same time? Is there a linked fuse somewhere?
Check engine light came on a week ago and took to the shop and diagnostic test says it is the fuel pressure rail sensor. Wondering how dangerous it is to drive until I'm able to get it repaired?
Car sometimes delays when I start it. The diagnostic test says it is the fuel pressure rail sensor. That's why I'm wondering if the fuel injector is the same thing or something different than the fuel pressure sensor?
Where is this sensor located, and how hard is it to replace
My husband's 2005 Ford Focus check engine light came on and we had it analyzed by our local AutoZone who came up with OEM #P2004; Definition: intake manifold runner control stuck open bank 1; Explanation: ECM has commanded the IMRC closed but detects it open; Probable cause: 1) short circuit condition, 2) damaged IMRC actuator or solemoid, 3) blocked vacuum hoses. I have tried looking for this repair on several sites, but have not come across it yet. Any ideas? I would like to have an idea of how much money we are looking at to repair this. Many thanks!!!
the brakes are loud every time i touch them
I replaced the motor and fuse what else could it be?
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