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My 2005 Ford Focus has new brake pads and new bearings, on the early mornings it makes a roaring noise then reduces after a while on the road
I've lost one hubcap and the car is old so i just want to get a secondhand hubcap. There's one for sale but it's a 2002 so I want to know will it fit my car?
Engine "lopes" at idle. Dies when stopping. Starts right back up.
I had ran over a good sized rock, hole in the oil pan, oil light came on then the car stopped. Oil pan is replaced,... how do I get the engine to unlock?
05 ford focus ZXW 2.0L motor-automatic-T.Makes a very loud grinding/clunking noise only when the starter is turning over..when starting....

When the car is unlocked with the key fob and only when the rear passenger door is opened, the car starts.
is the solenoid valve for the diverter suppose to have 12 volts to ground on boths sides to the plug when engine is running
had the leak. then one point started the car and a loud pop from under the hood occurred resulting in a loud knocking noise coming from inside engine sounds like. like if there is a exhaust leak.
Strong vibration threw steering wheel and dash when wheels are cranked to the right. It doesn't matter if your in motion or sitting still. Just has to be in drive and wheels turned to the right
Rides a little "bouncy", but inspection indicates springs / shocks are adequate.
Overdrive light off is on
I just had the wires to the fusebox replaced and the fan was only running for ten minutes while I was driving at night. it's happened twice so far but this time I can't seem to get the lights to come back on by starting the car without anything else running.
In early March, I had a check engine light come on in my 2005 Ford Focus. I had code checked and they told it would go off by itself. I disconnected battery to make light go off sooner and ever since I have electrical issues, the common ones being my transmission having shifting issues and my clock and radio resetting every now and then. I just learned about the connection between these issues and the battery today (early May). Now that I know the problem, what can I do to fix it?
The wheel starts to shake when i accelerate to certain speeds or pump the brakes
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