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Key won't turn easily to switch on ignition. Sometimes it sticks, sometimes it doesn't. you have to whack the key and then it turns. But it can take one or 30 + attempts. Is it the key or the ignition?
Napa auto parts sold me ATF fluid but i don't think that's right. It's not empty just a little low.
Doesnt feel like its getting enough gas
Recently experiencing the issue while driving my Air bag, check fuel cap, battery and seatbelt warning signals go on and OD shuts of (happens all at the same time). I took car to be service and mechanic said that no codes came up. The warning signals come on and off at random
.. I know I am for sure missing one would it be best to replace all of them or just the one needed
How much will it cost to fix and get the engine light off
What is a intake manifold runner control used for
It was in an accident,wont start now ,it was minor damage to hood and bumper,found fuel cut off switch and reset it ,it has a code that says keep alive voltage to low ,what could this be?
The car wont start ,the fuel pump doesnt come on when i turn on ignition but if i use starting fluid it will start and keep running ,could this maybe be the crank sensor?
I am trying to find out if it will be fine to take the car on a 3 hour drive this weekend without the heat shield on.
Car was running rough , then quit . unable to start . Ran a scan codes P1000 and B1318 came up . Took battery to store , had 0ne bad cell . Replaced still won't start . Check engine light , battery light remain on when key is in position II . In addition fuse 18 was blown , replaced , did not blow after replaced
Water pipe cracked sprayed antifreeze on top of motor, fixed that. After driving for a day, found antifreeze around top of spark plugs. Dried that, replaced plugs and wires. Now I get codes p0301, p0316, and engine light is on. Any suggestions or knowledgeable help? I am aware of code meanings.
i recently had alternator replaced a few months ago. but now when i press the gas the car feels like it idles too high which it never has before, and also the battery gets drained so i have to keep jumping it to start it up. while driving the battery will drain and the engine turns off.
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