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Why does my 2002 ford focus shut down when im slowing down or brake but than turns back on help
My Focus was stalling out. I took it to Autozone and had a OBD reading done. It came back as a fuel pump. I have replaced spark plugs,wires,fuel filter,fuel pump and it ran shortly (very rough) now it won't crank at all. The check engine light is flashing. Help!
Lost chip for key and car won't start
It only occurs when I do a lot of stop and go traffic in town. It never does it when I'm on the highway. It doesn't matter how much gas is in the car. It doesn't do it when I turn right.
What should we try to get the defrost and heat to work?
My elderly mother's 2002 Ford Focus, SOHC with 52k recently stalled when she was stopped at a stop sign. I was able to duplicate the problem only after many repeated attempts. The repair shop has said that since the vehicle is 15 years old, the timing chain needs to be replaced otherwise the engine may be damaged and total the car. They have also included a cam shaft position sensor replacement. It seems to me they are including the very expensive timing chain replacement for a problem that has nothing to do with her issue. I've seen various 'recommendations' to change the timing chain at 60k or 120k. My main question is this: is 15 years of driving only 52k miles sufficient cause to necessitate a timing chain replacement? Is it a deterioration over time problem? I am very concerned she's being scared into something that is not currently necessary. Also, I researched that a SOHC is a non -interference engine, meaning a timing chain failure will not severely damage the engine. Is this true? Thanks very much.
the relay in the eng. compartment clicks on and off, Im assuming, every time the comp turns on and off. The comp runs about 1 1/2 seconds and shuts off for 1 1/2 seconds.
I need all four used tires for a 2002 ford focus
What recommended mileage? My Focus is a non-interference type.
The fan only comes on when my ac is on.if not then overheats.why is only one fan working?
Run fine catalyst converter cloged lost power cleaned out now idle low and what sounds like vacume leak just cant find

The car has been running fine. went to start the car and the key will not turn, the steering wheel is LOCKED and won't unlock.
My ac isn't blowing cold air how can I check to see if my clutch is engaging
Electrical Gremlins...t.lites bulbs burn out...h.lights & dash lites flicker...completely DEAD at times on starting...heard may be cluster circuit board needs clean? ALSO diodes alternator? COSTS? Thanks
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